Photo reportage from the exhibition Humans, non-humans, with and without humans

The exhibition took place in the new Ideas Block space – Kompresorinė culture centre, located in the former compressor room of the Physics Institute. The venue consists of 3 main spaces: gallery; events and social space / cafe; co-working and lab / workshop.

Address: Goštauto 11, entrance from the backyard.

Dates of the exhibition: 2022 12 02 – 2023 01 01

Sponsor: Lithuanian Council for Culture
Organizers: Institutio Media together with Ideas Block
Project coordinator: Kristina Zakutauskaitė
Curator: Liucija Dervinytė
Artists: Mindaugas Gapševičius, Lucija Dervinytė, Gabija Bubnytė, Kira O’Reilly, Jolanta Sendaite-Paulauskiene, Linas Baltabarzdis Tamošaitis, Gabrielius Klemas, Lolita Tučinskaitė, Vincenta Mikulėnaitė and Kristina Zakutauskaitė
Photos: Monika Pietarytė

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