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01/28/2023Calls / Education / Events / Exhibitions / Open Calls / Program / WorkshopsOur partners Užiateka are inviting sound and audiovisual artists to take part in City Sonic Vilnius sound camp and exhibition at Ideas Block’s new culture space – Kompresorinė, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Deadline to submit your application: Feb 15, 5:00 PM About the Project For the first time City Sonic Vilnius* is announcing an open call for sound and audiovisual artists to take part in the Sound Camp. The project was inspired by the diversity of Vilnius’s acoustic landscape. Therefore, through the diverse sounds of Vilnius city, the participants will learn, explore and share their collective or individual creations in collaboration with French sound artists to the Vilnius public to experience a new perspective of the city. This Sound Camp is also about promoting collaboration between artists of different practices and aesthetics, always starting from their energy, their desire, and their creativity. The events will take place in Kompresorinė Cultural Center, open for interdisciplinary projects. The venue holds an ambisonic sound system which can also be used in the City Sonic Vilnius Sound Camp. The technical crew will be ready to support the participants.  THE SOUND CAMP WORKSHOPS The participants will first work on the sound recording (field recording) in the city of Vilnius, which can evolve into situations invented and constructed on the spot. Each place can be documented in its sonic characteristics or become a basis for the elaboration of a form of a poetic story or a small fiction inspired by the area and its inhabitants. The audio recordings will be the material that can be processed or reinvented in the studio. What we are interested in here is to be able to put a form of presence and attention to the urban environment as well as its metamorphosis into resonance and listening, and also to reveal, with the help of sound (or possibly the image of sound) certain particular places in the city of Vilnius but also strange and poetic situations. All Sound Camp workshops are going to be in the English language. EXHIBITION At the end of 5 days of workshops and joint intensive experiences, an exhibition is planned with a sound (listening to the finalized creative works) and with a visual (a photographic, video, graphic, or multimedia look at the process and the images of this sound experience) component, as well as with sound performances (notably by the 3 guest creators-coordinators-curators, and also by Lithuanian artists). Finally, in the coming weeks after this first City Sonic Vilnius Sound Camp, it is planned to publish the issues and final creations of the participants in audio, on the web, and in the form of printed materials. ELIGIBILITY Artists of any nationality residing in Lithuania, with an evidence of committed artistic career are welcome to apply. City Sonic Vilnius is looking to attract artists working with sound, visuals or with a interdisciplinary approach, who are adaptable to a collaborative environment and interested in (re)discovering Vilnius city by sound. Participants need to bring, for the duration of the workshop, their computers (equipped with editing software) as well as any equipment necessary for sound recordings (digital recorders, microphones, etc.) or materials for their visual creation. If you are unable to bring necessary equipment or materials, please specify and we will try to find a practical solution. SUBMISSIONS AND DEADLINE City Sonic Vilnius team is going to support most of the traveling, accommodation, meals, materials and equipment costs. To apply for City Sonic Vilnius/Sound Camp fill out the online submission form: Submissions will be accepted until the 15th of February 2023 If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at City Sonic Vilnius has been recently launched in partnership with City Sonic – international sound art festival initiated by Transcultures (Centre of digital and sound cultures in the Federation Wallonie-Brussels and also coordinator of the European Pepinieres of Creation international network for the mobility of contemporary artists-projects based in Paris) directed by curator/creator/producer Philippe Franck in 2003. In duration of 2 weeks, City Sonic offers a sound itinerary in the hosting city with installations, performances and workshops, opening all creative doors (from digital/media arts/devices to invented instruments, from audio-visual to multimedia performances/installations, from the electronic/contemporary music to experimental /improvised music, from sound poetry to radio art…), of sound art today. Merging an internationalist vision with the will to develop the local scene and support new/young talents as well as more renown but still singular artists, City Sonic approach focus on site specific works and build relationships between territories, locations, practices, communities, creativities and researches With a similar approach, City Sonic Vilnius (coordinated by Užiateka and Transcultures Europe) aims to develop in Lithuania and its capital various activities linked to the diversity of sound arts with an interdisciplinary, participative, inclusive and federating vision. WORKSHOP COORDINATORS/EXHIBITION CURATORS Philippe Franck, Tommy Lawson, Christian Vialard (France). You can find out more about them in Užiateka’s website. [...]
01/22/2023Concerts & Performances / Events / Exhibitions / ProgramAn exhibition/show marking the end of a course on Programming and Synthesis at LMTA. Four Master students from this course will display their final project works, product of this lecture, which touches on topics of audio technology, and a an array of sound synthesis techniques, ranging from analogue systems, to computer programming approaches. The use of technology has an accent in these projects, and students are in contact with topics and challenges to develop works that can move from music proper to sound art creation. Event: January 27, 19hPlace: Kompresorinė – Ideas Block.Goštauto gatve 11. Vilnius. Lithuania Free entrance Program:Mindaugas Juška – Noise machine: 19h (displays until Feb. 3.)Ugnius Bagvilas – Colours of the sounds : 19:30hKarolina Kieraitė – En arche en ho logos: 20:00h.Inga Šepetkaitė – I can’t remember / mutual connection: 20:30h ================================================= >>Ugnius Bagvilas “Colours of the sounds” If we saw the physical world as it really is, we wouldn’t see green, red or blue, we wouldn’t hear music as we hear it now, we would see an infinite sea of physical and electromagnetic waves around us. But our brains can only process a limited amount of information at any one time, so in our evolutionary struggle for survival, our minds have evolved to perceive all the information around us in simplified abstract forms such as colour, pitch or timbre, so that we are able to react to our surroundings much better and faster. -Live performance of synthesiser-controlled coloured lights, mapping the corresponding frequencies of sound to colours in the visible spectrum. >>Mindaugas Juška – Noise machine The exhibition delves into the ethereal realm of noise and our relationship with it. The visitor is invited to immerse themselves in the auditory experience, as the room becomes a living, breathing entity, pulsating with the energy of the noise it contains. This is a journey through the uncharted territory of algorithmic sound, where the boundaries between noise and music are blurred. -Interactive sound installation >> Karolina Kieraitė – En arche en ho logos. What does water, paper, vocal cords and God’s voice have in common? And how does the breath of life, coming through the nostrils of saxophone, make the frequencies talk with the giver of that breath? I invite you to observe and enter this dialogue with your ears, and with your heart. Revelation 14:2a; Genesis 1:26; 2 Timothy 3:15 -Live saxophone and reactive electronics on ambisonics >>Inga Šepetkaitė – I can’t remember / mutual connection We can see a human form in front of us but we can’t hear human thoughts out loud.The performance explores the link between the human body and human psychologicalcondition. Human organism is indivisible: thoughts and emotions affect the physical body and physical body (specific movements and poses) according to psychophysics can affect the emotional state. It is an artistic representation of a link between body and thought. Performance uses human body to manipulate sound so that it creates an impression of an unstoppable flow of thoughts. Performer: Gintarė ŠmigelskytėLight design: Dainius UrbonisAuthor of idea: Inga Šepetkaitė Šis renginys žymi Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademijos (LMTA) programavimo ir sintezės kurso pabaigą. Keturi magistrantūros studentai pristatys savo baigiamuosius projektus, kurie sukurti šiame kurse. Paskaitose buvo analizuojamos garso technologijų temos ir garso sintezės metodai, pradedant analoginėmis sistemomis, baigiant kompiuterių programavimo metodais. Projektuose akcentuojamos technologijos, sprendžiami iššūkiai, siekiant sukurti kūrinius, kurie galėtų pereiti nuo muzikos prie garso meno. Sausio 27 d., 19 val.Vieta: Kompresorinė – Ideas Block.Goštauto gatve 11. Vilnius. Lietuva Renginys nemokamas Programa:Mindaugas Juška – Triukšmo mašina: 19h (vyksta iki vasario 3d.)Ugnius Bagvilas – Garsų spalvos : 19:30hKarolina Kieraitė – En arche en ho logos: 20:00h.Inga Šepetkaitė – Negaliu atsiminti / dvipusis ryšys: 20:30h ================================ >>Ugnius Bagvilas – Garsų spalvos Jeigu mes matytume fizikinį pasaulį tokį, koks jis yra iš tikrųjų, nematytume nei žalios, nei raudonos, nei mėlynos spalvos, negirdėtume muzikos tokios, kokią ją girdime dabar, aplink save regėtume tik begalinę jūrą, susidedančią iš fizikinių ir elektromagnetinių bangų. Tačiau mūsų smegenys vienu metu geba apdoroti tik ribotą kiekį informacijos, todėl evoliucijos eigoje kovoje dėl išlikimo mūsų protas išsivystė taip, kad visą mus supančią informaciją mes suvokiame supaprastintomis abstrakčiomis formomis, tokiomis kaip spalva, garso aukštis ar garso tembras, taip gebėdami kur kas geriau ir greičiau reaguoti į aplinką. Gyvas sintezatoriumi kontroliuojamų šviesų performasas, atitinkamus garsų dažnius prilyginant regimojo spektro spalvoms. >>Mindaugas Juška – Triukšmo mašina Instaliacijoje tyrinėjamas triukšmas ir mūsų santykis su juo. Lankytojas kviečiamas pasinerti į garsinę patirtį, kuomet kambarys tampa gyva, kvėpuojančia būtybe, pulsuojančia jame esančių triukšmų energija. Tai kelionė po neištirtas algoritminio garso teritorijas, kur ribos tarp triukšmo ir muzikos išsitrina. Interaktyvi garso instaliacija >> Karolina Kieraitė – En arche en o logos.Ką bendro turi vanduo, popierius, balso stygos ir Dievo balsas? Ir kaip gyvybės kvėpsnis, dažniais išeinantis iš saksofono šnervių, kalbasi su to kvėpsnio Davėju? Kviečiu stebėti ir prisijungti prie šio dialogo – savo ausimis, ir savo širdimis. Apreiškimo 14:2a; Pradžios knygos 1:26; 2 Timotiejui 3:15. Gyvas saksofonas ir reaktyvioji elektronika naudojant Ambisonics. >> Inga Šepetkaitė – Negaliu atsiminti / dvipusis ryšys Mes galime pamatyti kito žmogaus kūną, tačiau negalime girdėti jo minčių.Performansas „Negaliu atsiminti / dvipusis ryšys “, tiria sąsają tarp žmogaus kūno ir žmogaus psichologinės būklės. Žmogaus organizmas nedalomas, mintys ir emocijos veikia fizinį kūną, o tuo tarpu fizinis kūnas (judesiai ar pozos) gali veikti emocinę būklę(psichofizika). Tai yra santykio, tarp žmogaus kūno ir minčių, meninė reprezentacija. Performanso metu žmogaus kūnas manipuliuos garsą, kurdamas besikeičiančių minčiųproceso įspūdį. Performso atlikėja: Gintarė ŠmigelskytėŠviesų dizainas: Dainius UrbonisIdėjos autorė: Inga Šepetkaitė [...]
01/15/2023Calls / Creative Outlet / Exhibitions / Open Calls / Program / ProjectsOPEN CALL FOR SOLO OR GROUP EXHIBITIONS AT KOMPRESORINĖ FOR THE PERIOD OF: July 2023 – July 2024 DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 20th, 2023 IDEAS BLOCK welcomes proposals for exhibitions in the new gallery of the independent culture space KOMPRESORINĖ, located in Vilnius (A. Goštauto st. 11). The characteristics of the space in which the gallery is located, a former compressor room of the old Physics institute, are a sample of the space’s past and its new life. The venue of over 200 m2 consists of 3 main spaces: gallery; events and social / cafe space; co-working and lab / workshop space. IDEAS BLOCK organisation is committed to the times we live in and therefore is looking for exhibition proposals addressing topics that directly affect society and the environment. We want each exhibition to create a dialogue between the artists and the public, as we believe that reflection and communication is an important point in today’s art. The call is open to individual artists, curators or collectives representing the local or international art scene. Creators of all ages and at any stage of their careers are eligible to apply. It is open to various disciplines or a combination of different ones (such as sound art, visual arts, education, technology, etc.). The gallery space available for the exhibitions includes approximately 45m2, with 7m tall linear wall space for hanging artwork, as well as some equipment, including a projector, sound system, and other. If you think your artwork would be more suitable for other spaces in KOMPRESORINĖ, you can mention this in your application. The floor plan can be found here. IDEAS BLOCK seeks to support artists in the development of their careers by providing the space for selected artists free of charge. However, donations from the artists are very welcome and would be beneficial for the development of the organisation. All the expenses related to the installation, promotion and travel should be covered by the artists. IDEAS BLOCK will provide any necessary documents to apply for funding. The proposals should include new work to premiere with the exhibition. Together with the exhibition concept, please include a short bio, cv and artist’s statement, alongside the images for each submitted artwork (if available), preferred dates, and any other relevant information. Exhibition proposals should be sent to: Artists will be selected by the 15th of March. The team of the space will coordinate with the artist (or group) for the best timing of their exhibition, which will run for approximately 1 month (including installation and de-install). ****** IDEAS BLOCK (VšĮ “idėjų blokas LT”) is a non-profit organisation with the mission to provide a framework, physical space and the necessary technology for relevant, interdisciplinary cultural content and education to the society. Through an active participation and networking, it aims to cultivate a body of research and development of ideas within the community. ATVIRAS KVIETIMAS PERSONALINĖMS ARBA GRUPINĖMS PARODOMS KOMPRESORINĖJE PARODOMS VYKSIANČIOMS: 2023 m. liepos – 2024 m. liepos mėnesiais KVIETIMAS VYKSTA IKI: 2023 m. vasario 20 d. IDEAS BLOCK laukia pasiūlymų rengti parodas naujoje nepriklausomos kultūros erdvės, KOMPRESORINĖS, galerijoje, įsikūrusioje Vilniuje (A. Goštauto g. 11). Ši vieta – tai buvusios Fizikos instituto kompresorinės patalpos, kurių charakteristika mena erdvės praeitį ir kuria naujas sąsajas su dabartimi. Kiek daugiau nei 200 m2 patalpas sudaro 3 pagrindinės erdvės: galerija; renginių ir socialinė erdvė / kavinė; bendradarbystės ir laboratorijos / dirbtuvių erdvė. IDEAS BLOCK organizacijai svarbus dabarties laikas ir jo aktualijos, todėl parodų pasiūlymai turėtų būti susiję su temomis, kurios tiesiogiai veikia visuomenę ir aplinką. Norime, kad kiekviena paroda kurtų dialogą tarp menininkų ir visuomenės, nes tikime, kad apmąstymai ir komunikacija yra svarbus šiuolaikinio meno aspektas. Kvietimas atviras individualiems meno kūrėjams, kuratoriams ar jų kolektyvams, atstovaujantiems vietos ar tarptautinę meno sceną. Kvietime gali dalyvauti įvairaus amžiaus kūrėjai, esantys bet kuriame savo karjeros etape. Laukiame parodų pasiūlymų pristatančių įvairias disciplinas, ar jungiančių jas (tokių kaip garso menas, vizualieji menai, edukacija, technologijos ir pan.). Galerijos erdvės dydis – apie 45 m2, su trimis 7 metrų aukšio sienomis kūriniams kabinti ir dideliais langais, taip pat yra galimybė naudoti turimą įrangą, įskaitant projektorių, garso sistemą ir kt. Jei manote, kad jūsų kūriniai labiau tiktų kitoms KOMPRESORINĖS erdvėms, galite tai paminėti savo paraiškoje. Patalpų planą galima rasti čia. IDEAS BLOCK siekia paremti kūrėjus, suteikdama galerijos erdvę atrinktiems menininkams nemokamai. Tačiau kiekviena individuali parama, pagal galimybes, yra labai laukiama ir būtų naudinga organizacijos vystymuisi. Visas išlaidas, susijusias su instaliavimu, sklaida ir kelionėmis, turėtų padengti patys menininkai. IDEAS BLOCK suteiks visus reikiamus dokumentus aplikuojant finansavimui. Parodos pasiūlyme turėtų būti pateikiami ir nauji menininkų kūriniai, kurie būtų pristatomi parodoje. Kartu su parodos koncepcija turėtų būti pateikta trumpa menininko biografija, CV ir kūrybos aprašymas, bei kiekvieno pateikto kūrinio nuotraukos (jei yra), tinkamiausios datos parodai, ir kita svarbi informacija. Parodos pasiūlymus siųsti adresu: Menininkai bus atrinkti iki kovo 15 d. Kompresorinės komanda susisieks su atrinktais menininkais suderinti tinkamiausią laiką jų parodoms, truksiančioms apie 1 mėnesį (įskaitant ekspozicijos parengimo laiką). ****** IDEAS BLOCK (VšĮ “idėjų blokas LT”) yra pelno nesiekianti organizacija, kurios misija – suteikti visuomenei pagrindą, fizinę erdvę ir reikiamas technologijas, aktualaus tarpdisciplininio kultūrinio turinio kūrimui ir edukacijai. Aktyviu įsitraukimu ir ryšių kūrimu siekiama puoselėti idėjų sklaidą ir tyrimus bendruomenėje. Humans, non-humans, with and without humans exhibition, photo by Liucija DervinyteHumans, non-humans, with and without humans exhibition, photo by Monika PietaryteGallery and cafe at Kompresorinė, photo by Liucija DervinyteKompresorinė co-working, workshop areaKompresorinė event spaceCafe at Kompresorinė, photo by Liucija DervinyteKompresorinė bar area, photo by Monika Pietaryte [...]
01/15/2023Concerts & Performances / EventsAn improvisational performance aimed at combining everyday life issues through interdisciplinary means of artistic expression. A soundscape is created based on everyday notes, sound spectrum and harmonics. Pre-determined creative principles open the way to improvisational freedom and take the performers to the playground. Doors open: 19:00;Admission: 5 eurAddress: Goštauto St. 11, entrance from the courtyard. ——– Performers: Vecera – electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist who has released 3 albums under the stage name Vecera and 4 collaborative albums with different bands Fryzbye, Avis Rara and Uprising Tree. Many more collaborations can be found on the Paulius Vecera Youtube account. Migluma is an electronic musician, producer and vocalist. Migluma creates ethereal compositions inspired by Iceland’s majestic nature, choral music, Lithuanian folk elements, avant-pop and modern dance music culture. Anima is an interdisciplinary artist, programmer and electronic music producer. He combines sound, image, virtual and physical worlds through technology and programming. —————————————- Filippos Raskovic is a composer and improviser from Athens, Greece based in Vilnius. His work creates a sonic world; accidental and composed, recognisable and unexpected all at the same time. He will perform ambient sparse, space-spanning improvisations on piano. Improvizacinio pobūdžio performansas, kurio tikslas tarpdisciplininėmis meno raiškos priemonėmis apjungti kasdienio gyvenimo aktualijas. Remiantis kasdieniais užrašais, garso spektru bei harmonikomis kuriamas garsovaizdis. Iš anksto nustatyti kūrybiniai principai atveria kelią į improvizacinę laisvę ir atlikėjus nukelia į žaidimo aikštelę. Durys atsidaro: 19:00;Įėjimas: 5 eurAdresas: Goštauto g. 11, įėjimas iš vidinio kiemo pusės. ——–Atlikėjai: Vecera – elektroninės muzikos prodiuseris, multiinstrumentalistas išleidęs 3 albumus po sceniniu vardu “Vecera” ir 4 kolaboracinius albumus su su skirtingomis grupėmis “Fryzbye”, “Avis Rara” ir “Uprising Tree”. Daug kitų kolaboracijų galite rasti Paulius Vecera Youtube paskyroje. Migluma – elektroninės muzikos kūrėja, prodiuserė ir vokalistė. Migluma kuria “ethereal” stiliaus kompozicijas, kurios yra įkvėptos didingos Islandijos gamtos, chorinės muzikos, lietuvių liaudies elementų, avant-pop bei modernios šokių muzikos kultūros. Anima – tarpdisciplininis menininkas, programuotojas, elektroninės muzikos prodiuseris. Technologijų ir programavimo pagalba apjungiantis garsą, vaizdą, virtualųjį bei fizinį pasaulį. —————————————-Filipos Raskovic – kompozitorius, pianistas, improvizacijos meistras kilęs iš Atėnų, Graikijos. Jo kuriamas garsinis pasaulis vienu metu tiek atsitiktinis, tiek sukomponuotas; tiek atpažįstamas, tiek netikėtas. Filipos atliks erdvę apimančias ambient improvizacijas. [...]
01/10/2023Education / Events / Program / WorkshopsFood LAB is a workshop series that explores and shares the knowledge of different processes happening in the microcosm of food. The first workshop in the series will take place on the 14th of January, 12PM: Natural remedies and tonics workshop by Biophilia. Herbalism meets Fermentation! – to help you to go immune through this winter. Learn how to create your own medicine – DIY! In this workshop we will explore different types of immune-boosting or traditional homemade remedies upgrading their medicinal properties. How? By combining them with some live bacteria, yeast + time = welcome to herbal fermentation. Herbal fermentation allows the active compounds from herbs to be expressed in a formula in a completely different way than other chemical extractions. With fermentation not only are the active compounds of the botanicals unlocked, but a higher content of nutrients, vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and much more is created! Get ready to work >> We will prepare many recipes: Ginger+Curcuma shot, Fire cider, fermented honey and some shrubs! Starting with a classical “Fire Cider” – one of the best natural antibiotics – we will go further understanding how to twist this famous formulas to get our guts well cultured and at the same time stay away from colds and flu! It will also be a space to explore the medicinal properties of different botanicals in order to craft your own remedy. Yes, you can! Program:– Introduction: Time and herbal fermentation – historical and symbolic aspects– What is this all about – yeast…bacteria – wild fermentation?– A brief explanation about probiotics, benefits of fermentation and some of the variables to be considered in the process– Tasting of different remedies and herbal tonics– Step by step explanation and hands-on practice to craft your own natural “winter” remedy– Wrap up and Q&A At the end of the workshop participants can take home:* 1 glass shot ginger/curcuma tonic shot* 1 glass shot fire cider* or your own handcrafted shrub/herbal remedy* pdf herbal fermentation notebook with many recipes EXTRA:Ps. Bring your own glass if you wish to bring home more of what will be produced in the course (apart from what is mentioned above)(3- different sizes, small to medium) …… The workshop will be held in English! Cost: 25€ / participant(Solidarity spots available – let us know in advance!) Registration form: Address: A.Goštauto st. 11, entrance from the inner yard. Facebook event [...]


Ideas Block (VšĮ “idėjų blokas LT” ) is a non-profit organisation with the mission to provide a framework, physical space and the necessary technology for relevant, interdisciplinary cultural content and education. Through active participation and networking, it aims to cultivate a body of research and development of ideas within the community.

In 2022 Ideas Block opened a new physical location in Vilnius (A. Goštauto st. 11) – Kompresorinė culture centre, located in the former compressor room of the Physics Institute. The venue consists of 3 main spaces: gallery; events and social space / cafe; co-working and lab / workshop. Everyone is welcome to propose ideas and organise events, workshops, talks or exhibitions. The space is also available for private events.

  • Kompresorinė bar
  • Kompresorinė gallery space, exhibition Humans, non-humans, with and without humans
  • Humans, non-humans, with and without humans exhibition
  • Humans, non-humans, with and without humans exhibition
  • Humans, non-humans, with and without humans exhibition
  • Kompresorinė co-working, workshop space
  • Opening of Kompresorinė
  • Opening of Kompresorinė
  • New Year's concert at Kompresorinė
  • Cafe space at Kompresorinė
  • The Old Man and the Sea at Kompresorinė
  • Gallery and cafe at Kompresorinė

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Žinome, jog nėra taip paprasta mus rasti, tad dalinamės žemėlapiu, kaip atvykti į Kompresorinę. Esame A.Goštauto g. 11, vidiniame kieme. Vilnius, Lietuva


We know it’s not so easy to find us, therefore, we are sharing a map with the directions on how to find us. We are located in A.Goštauto st. 11, inner yard. Vilnius, Lithuania.