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“Inner Jewel™ Workshop: Affirmation Pendants”, 16th of January, 18.00

“Inner Jewel™ Workshop: Affirmation Pendants” New year, new affirmations! Inner Jewel™ Workshops with SangKala Jewelry is a series of self-care jewelry-making workshops focusing on different life themes, paired with various techniques of jewelry-making. During this upcoming workshop, we’ll learn how…

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Paint LAB by Rūta Matulevičiūtė, 28th of December – 27th of January

The Gallery space is turned into a temporary Paint laboratory for alchemical transmutations from mind to matter to appear. Artist‘s experience is turned into an artwork which is an experience itself. Rūta Matulevičiūtė places a temporary Painter headspace representation in…

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Mind Sharpener: Difficulty in Poetry, 19th of December, 19.00

MIND SHARPENER:A STYLISTIC MODEL TO ANALYSE AND EXPLAIN DIFFICULTY IN POETRY By Davide Castiglione “Mind Sharpener” – a series of lively, thought-provoking talks and debates rooted in academic research but of general interest and open to everyone. Topics range from…

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Neformali paskaita: migracija Pietryčių Azijoje ir pasaulyje / Migration in South Asia and the World, 13th of December, 18.30

Neformalioje paskaitoje “Kintančios sienos, srautai ir tapatybės: migracija Pietryčių Azijoje ir pasaulyje” bus apžvelgiama migracijos Pietryčių Azijoje kryptys ir sąlygos globalizacijos kontekste bei sulauksime atsakymų į neretai kylančius klausimus:• Kuo skiriasi „legali“ ir „nelegali“ migracija?• Ar migrantų gausa reiškia valstybių…

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