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Arttice is an online map-based catalogue and network of cultural players developed by Ideas Block with support from Lithuanian Council for Culture (Lietuvos kultūros taryba -LTKT). Ideas Block seeks to compliment the online part with  real in-person (and personal) networking with artists, institutions, and other cultural professionals, in order to contribute to the development of the platform and thereby to culture in general.


Arttice is a platform for networking – mapping cultural players, providing a tool for contemporary artists, organisations and the culture curious to explore, discover, connect and collaborate.


Arttice is an independent platform created for art scene collaboration, where diverse creative fields can interact, broadening perspectives of culture and arts, generating opportunities for the creators and the public.


To become a worldwide cultural network empowering artistic movement.

For Individual Creators and Field Professionals

This platform is open to all fields of arts and culture, whether you are a visual artist, musician, writer, dancer, designer, cultural manager, curator – you name it. It aims to provide professionals working in the field of culture with more visibility, opportunities to exchange ideas, get inspired, find open calls and work opportunities, connect and collaborate with one another, promote yourself and your works, as well as reach and co-operate with cultural organisations and venues.

For Cultural Organisations and Venues

Arttice forms a database that can serve as a research tool to follow the dynamics of a culture scene. This is a place to discover and reach new creatives and art scene professionals, interact with established ones, promote your institution, share and gather information directly from artists or public, inform about your activities happening in your organisation as well as spread information about grants, competitions, projects, etc.

For the Public

For the culture curious Arttice is a tool to get information about the culture and art scene of the chosen location, discover and follow artists, find new creative spaces and events. To dive into the stunning art and culture world.

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It is free and open for anyone to explore.
To register as an artist or organisation at Arttice you will need an invitation. If you don’t have one and would like to join, complete this form


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