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Mind Sharpener: Music and film music: differences and similarities, with Manuel Velázquez

[LT] “Mind Sharpener” – tai gyvų, provokuojančių bei kviečiančių pamąstymams, pokalbių ir diskusijų serija, pradedant akademiniais tyrimais ir baigiant refleksijomis, kylančiomis iš profesinės praktikos. Nagrinėjamos temos nuo kalbos ištakų iki matematinių modelių, nuo autoritetų ugdyme iki skaitmeninių pasakojimų ir daug…

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[LT] “Mind Sharpener” – tai gyvų, provokuojančių bei kviečiančių pamąstymams, pokalbių ir diskusijų serija, paremta akademiniais tyrimais, tačiau aktuali ir atvira visiems. Nagrinėjamos temos nuo politikos teorijos iki poezijos, nuo smurto diskurse iki kalbos kilmės. Šia renginių serija norima pasidalinti…

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29 scripts by Lena Klyukina – Exhibition Opening, 7th of March, 19.00

29 ScriptsSketches Exhibition by Lena Klyukina 2019 03 07 – 03 21 Exhibition opening: 7th of March, 19.00 “With every consciously lived moment the future pathways and visions shift slightly. With every sketch creativity changes it‘s direction a little bit.…

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Tales and Visions – Eclectic Music Night, 23rd of February, 17.00

Eclectic music night:positive experimental, rare folklore, avant-garde, new slow beat, wavy, tribal and ambient. “The main consequence of creating sounds, tales, ideasto a totally different game is that who sees the pieces,without knowing the new rules, will feel confused at…

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Guitar Lessons, Start of the course – 22 of February, 19.00

Guitar lessons with Hasan Alp Çelikel Hasan Alp Çelikel is a progressive percussive acoustic guitar player, singer and songwriter. He focuses on extended percussive techniques on acoustic guitar and also traditional ways of playing guitar. In this course Hasan will…

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Mind Sharpener: The Hero’s Journey in a Converging World, 21st of February, 19.00

“Mind Sharpener” – a series of lively, thought-provoking talks and debates rooted in academic research but of general interest and open to everyone. Topics range from political theory to poetry, from violence in discourse to the origins of language. The…

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