ceramics workshop

Wednesdays, at 6pm, join us for ceramics workshops with Hasan Alp Celicel at Kompresorinė.

This is an ideal workshop for those who want to learn and get better at the craft of pottery. The future artisans and people who would like to develop a new hobby or prepare a portfolio, all ages are welcome to join.

During the workshop, you will be learning new techniques, tips&tricks, tools, and practical information about the art of pottery. We will be focusing on different tasks such as making tableware, sculpting, molding, and more according to your goals and/or interests.

You may choose to take a single class for 20€ or join us monthly for 15€ for each session.

-The instructor’s background is available on the discussion page of the event in Facebook.
The workshop will be held in English.

-Please register to the workshop through the following link to verify your interest. (https://docs.google.com/…/1IzDxm3pR0fwwewAu6Mb0PJe…/edit)

Stay artful, stay creative and let’s get shaping!

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