Lithuanian Lessons

We invite our international community to learn Lithuanian language in a creative informal environment. Our classes are very interactive, balancing talking, listening and grammar.

Available levels: A1, A2 and B1/B1+
Classes per week: 1
Classes per course: 16
Duration of classes: 1.5hr
Cost: 160 eur/course (can be divided in 2 payments)
Teacher: Dovilė Gudzinevičiūtė



1. What will I do during the A1 course?
You will learn basic grammar and vocabulary by playing games and speaking. To attend this course you need to know how to introduce yourself, order food, to ask for a price, to say the time. For more detailed information please contact the teacher.

2. What will I do during the A2 course?
You will watch videos and read texts, chat, play and write short texts. Grammar will be studied depending on students’ needs.

3. What will I do during the B1 / B1+ course? You will speak and write about more complex topics that need more abstract vocabulary and deeper grammar knowledge.

4. I don’t know anything in Lithuanian but I don’t want to study Lithuanian grammar, can I come to A2 course?
No, you have to have A1 level to attend A2 lessons.

5. I’m not sure if I will come to every lesson. Can I pay per lesson?
No, students need to pay per course/half course. If you miss a lesson, we cannot refund. Although you will get lesson material and access to its record.