Free Spaces is a site-specific concert series in Kompresorinė utilising all of the spaces in the building and their characteristics through live music performances.

The first edition will consist of four duets with a variety of setups and sound worlds. We will hear tuba and saxophone duet Simonas Kaupinis & Arminas Bižys, eirdotronica, pornonoise and fluxcore Cleaning Service Agency, electroacoustic duo and Ambulance on Fire, and improv electronic dance duo Fryzbye.

Simonas Kaupinis & Arminas Bižys
Iconic sweaty red faces with horns. Saxophone and Tuba duet.

Cleaning Service Agency
Mr. Justchecking and Mr. Dr. Hermandrowning live and down by law “I shock the president” music.
These artists present their music in such terms as weirdotronica, pornonoise and fluxcore.

Damage done.

Cleaning Service Agency
Hiding your evidence

We clean everything.
And we don’t ask
who you serve,
because you hired us.

Ambulance on Fire
The duo of alternative electroacoustic music, comprised of Jūra Elena Šedytė and Mėta Gabrielė Pelegrimaitė. Both professionally trained musicians, participants of many ensembles and projects and long-time friends, created Ambulance of Fire to play a kind of sound that is based on their most secret and strange musical inspirations. It is a sound of dance rhythms, layered textures, lyric melodies and spontaneous improvisations. The duo experiments with extended techniques of voice, flute and bass and spice everything with a pinch of minimalistic poetry.

Improv electronic dance duo that mixes genres, bpm’s and mussels with champagne. The fryzbye experience includes: beats, diy soundmachines, jazz progressions, awkward moments, smacktalk loops.

Yours trully: Paulius Večera and Adomas Palekas. Anno 2017.


Doors: 19:00
Entrance: 10eur

Goštauto st. 11, entrance from the courtyard

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