EMBROIDERY SESSION: #FramedinBelarus & Networks of Nature

On Sunday, 8th of January, 1pm at our new space Kompresorinė:

Against the backdrop of unrest in neighbouring countries, we invite you to come together for an embroidery session and conversation about socio-political events and their impact on individuals and our relationships with each other.

During the embroidery session you will have the opportunity to be part of two collective art projects:

1. You will be given a red thread to add some cross-stitches to a piece depicting a Belarusian political prisoner – #FramedinBelarus project. During the meeting, we will embroider Siarhei Tsibets, who was arrested on 24th of March 2021. More information about him can be found here:

2. Those waiting for their turn to contribute with a red cross in solidarity with the Belarusian political prisoner will be invited to join a collective embroidery on a shared fabric – in the Networks of Nature project – where the process and the conversations that unfold throughout become the axis. We invite you to share your thoughts on the theme of this meeting.


#FramedinBelarus is a collaborative project between artist Rufina Bazlova and curator Sofia Tocar, launched in 2021, that aims to draw attention to the political situation in neighbouring Belarus, where the number of officially recognised political prisoners currently exceeds 1200.

#FramedinBelarus project aims to tell the story of each unjustly convicted Belarusian and to create a portrait of them, using the traditional technique of cross-stitch embroidery and a red thread on a white background, to capture an important milestone in the history of Belarus.

The process of cross-stitching is a long and meditative experience that allows participants to focus on their thoughts and feelings about a particular detainee. Time is what is taken away from a person in prison, and our time spent embroidering is the small sacrifice that we can make in creating a portrait of a political prisoner.

Each of us has the opportunity to speak out against injustice through solidarity and a collective creative process.

More about the project https://framedinbelarus.net/


Networks of nature, a project initiated by artist Lucija Dervinytė, uses collective embroidery as a basis for discussing global issues and creating connections. Meditative process of embroidery is a time for philosophical reflection on the ecological, social, economic, political and cultural issues of the Anthropocene epoch. As anthropologist Arturo Escobar suggests, the current global crisis is first and foremost a crisis of meaning. Therefore, participants are invited to create and re-create meanings together.

Conversations are recorded and the process is filmed, thus not only capturing the moment, the ideas and the experiences, but also becoming a new material for research and future artworks. Each part of the process influences the next part, each story creates a new story.


This event is open to everyone, no need for previous experience in embroidery.

Event is organised in collaboration with an organisation of creative people “ARTyn”.

Address: A. Goštauto g. 11, entrance from the inner yard.

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