Tea Tasting, May 18th, 19.00

tea tasting

Line, Alexis & Florence are inviting you to a Tea Tasting at our cozy creative space:

We invite you to discover amazing teas that are grown in China and Japan! You will be able to taste six different teas, through three comparisons of same coloured teas:

– A green tea from Japan vs a green tea from China
– A raw pu’er compared to a ripe pu’er 
– An oxided oolong vs a “green” oolong

The exact teas we will be drinking are still to be determined, so stay tuned!
And you will be able to elect your favorite tea after these tastings – we wonder which tea will be the winner!

These teas will be brewed as it is done in China, with the Gong Fu Cha method, using gaiwans and a Yi-xing teapot. For the Japanese tea, we will use a Kyushu.

Did you know that there are six different colours of tea? That some teas taste the way they taste because of insects’ attacks? That there exist teas coming from centuries old trees? If you want to learn all about that and many more things, come to our tea tasting.

But if you simply want to drink very good teas in a friendly atmosphere, come all the same, and we will do our best to make you see the magic of tea!

This event will be free of charge, because we just like to spread our love of tea. But if you want to give a small donation to Ideas Block you’re very welcome, because it’s just great to have such a space of discoveries and experiments in Vilnius.

Find Facebook event here.

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