Street Music Day: Gatvės muzika prostitucijos skvere

street music day in Vilnius

We want music! Using the street music day as an excuse, we’ll have lineup for all day, at the end of Pylimo street where you can also find food from cool local restaurants.

LINEUP – Hooker Square (by Pylimo 63)
10hr Resonant Digit – live
Technologist/artist/psychonaut. ambient, drone set.

11hr ref/inter – live
Vyginto Orlovo projektas, kuriuo nagrinėjami ryšiai tarp skirtingų medijų bei transformacijos procesai.

12hr Marius Va – DJ
Dėžė Dėžutėj founder and radio DJ. Morning set. His style is calm and magical. Light and pastelic. He fuses drone, new age and forward thinking music.

13hr Hasan Alp Çelikel – live
Contemporary sung guitar funk trip

14 – 16hr JAM – Open! write to for info!

16hr Gintė Preisaitė – live
Sensitive experimental minimalism in green color.

17hr Monika Ze – live
Monika Zenkevičiūtė, contemporary composer from the LMTA, active in festivals like “Druskomanija”, “Ahead” and “Vox Juventutis”, doesn’t avoid experimenting. Inspired by IDM, ambient, electronica, jazz and others, including effective and organic vocal cuts.

18hr Jaroška – live
Psychedelic industrial mixed with kraut noise? avant-garde atmospherics, gourmet taste.

19hr Caline with C – DJ
Experimental Electro

20hr Arnas – DJ
Discotag label’s Arnas DJ set

21hr MTJUNKER – live
Electro funk

22hr AfterParty
Love bar
Yucatan Extensión

Pass by painting studio Dvi Taurės Meno all throughout the day to create your own music inspired painting in Atvira Studija GMD | Open Studio at GMD
or participate in one of 3 painting events:
12h UFO vinyl.
15h URBAN vinyl
18h OCEAN vinyl.
More info about workshops: Gatvės muzikos diena su tapyba

Food in Keule Ruke’s yard from various local restaurants + the restaurants/cafes of the street.

Music documentaries & other activities + coffee & snacks at Ideas Block

More TBA…

Gatvės muzikos diena

Ideas Block LT

Yucatan Extensión
Keulė Rūkė
Dvi Taurės Meno
Electron Emitter
Love bar

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