From MIND GARDEN art collection by Liucija Dervinytė – “Ideacycle”, 2019

Mind Garden is an exploration of the World through the abstraction of sensory data into the creation of an experiential interdisciplinary sensory field.

Patterns of thoughts seek harmony and find their place in the universal structures, in nature. Bursts of inspiration, visions created by emotions, sounds, patterns of behaviour in humans and nature, create intuitive abstractions, intimate inner energy telling the story of the Mind.

Thoughts that grow in the inner garden, also grow outside of it. Decluttering material and immaterial layers, letting go of the possessions and needs, and the mind garden starts growing, connecting with other gardens to continue the cycle of renewal.

Mind Garden invites to notice the details, explore the inner worlds that often stay unattended, while we only look at them from afar, as if through the windows, affected by cultural, political, social or geographical factors. While we wander without a goal, compete, make wars, consume, waste and follow the alleged leaders, we forget to stop. To stop and look at everything from a different perspective, to find connections between the inner and outer Universes.

Mind Garden sounds:


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