Samovar Tea Bar, San Francisco

Samovar Tea Bar, San Francisco

On our weekend visit to San Francisco we spotted quite a few interesting places, and I am sure there were much more to discover, but we only had one full day to do that. So first of all I would like to spread the word about a small minimalist tea place located in the Mission district of San Francisco.

The place is called Samovar Tea and it has a unique interior with the unique tea options. There are four Samovar Tea places in San Francisco, but this one seems to be more like a fast tea bar to get your drink on the go. And that is one good reason why I like it. Because these days coffee is overtaking the market, with cafes on every corner, where most of the time one can only get a poor quality tea served from a tea bag. So whenever I find a place with a good quality teas I keep it on my list of favourites. And Samovar Tea bar is on that list.

First of all the interior caught my attention while walking past the place, so we decided to go in and have a look. The minimalist interior resembling a chemistry lab left me intrigued and wanting to try the teas they offer. The most popular drink in this place seemed to be masala chai made in huge copper urns. I am not a big fan of this tea, but I asked to taste it. This chai had a very strong spicy taste, and I believe that is the reason why people like it. But I decided to go with something else. So I asked for a recommendation, and I was offered a matcha green tea latte. That sounded like an interesting offer so I took it and it was definitely something unusual to try. The teas in here are brewed in beautiful glass crucibles, so it makes the whole process of making tea much more interesting.

Samovar Tea bar is a place to visit if you are a tea lover, especially if you like chai tea hot and spicy. Here is the website, so you can plan your visit to this or other Samovar Tea places in San Francisco.

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