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Research, Science and Art from Rotterdam

Edwin van der Heide

I would like to bring to you the work of Edwin van der Heide, an artist and researcher from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, whose work involves exploration and playfulness with concepts such as sound, space, light and technology.


Edwin uses diverse media to chase awareness through experiencing physical phenomena. He succeeds in producing places with beautiful harmonies of images, sounds, environments and other effects that take on research of art, technology and probably some history into its blend.

These concepts yield installations that really inspire (not just for their sheer size), and give a sense of insight into a dense creative process enriched by understanding and visions of sciences, musical composition and human experience.


Edwin’s installations are built in large spaces, surrounding the audience, presenting it at times with a multichannel audio system, or alternative methods of sound rendering. They very much strike a sense of contemporary convergence of art and technologies.


Watch his work if you are around!

All the images and the video used in this post are the property of Edwin van der Heide.

Article by Roberto Becerra.

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