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Using a preview to his new piano piece “Spira Mirabilis” Composer Manuel Velázquez will give a short talk, revealing a casual insight to his approach to music creation. 

The online event will consist of a 30-minute talk about Manuel’s understanding of music language and the formation, shaping, and development of musical ideas as well as their possible implications in their usage in human communication. Then, the new, unreleased piece Spira Mirabilis will be shared as an example of all of these ideas. After the talk there will be time for any comments and questions.

About the piece, Introduction to Spira Mirabilis:

Spira Mirabilis is a piano solo compound piece containing 7 short pieces that unify together into a single larger piece.

Spira Mirabilis (Marvelous Spiral) is the name given by Jakob Bernoulli to the logarithmic spiral (a spiral in which the distances between the turnings increase in geometric progression, making it different than an Archimedean spiral, where these distances are constant), this spiral holds the shape of countless objects in nature and the universe: galaxies, hurricanes, spider webs, shells, the flying pattern of insects reaching for a source of light… Bernoulli was so impressed with this geometric expression that asked for it to be carved on his grave beside the words Eadem mutata resurgo (Although changed, I shall arise the same). Even though destiny decided that because of an error the grave was carved with an Archimidean Spiral instead of the Spira Mirabilis, Bernoulli’s fascination with this geometrical shape and its expressions throughout the universe is contagious, and his ideas of identity through change resonate profound and truth: There’s no identity without temporality, and no temporality without change and development.

Considering music finds its identity through repetition, change and development this series of small pieces is a homage to this geometric expression and to all the ideas it may ignite. Each of the pieces in Spira Mirabilis is a spiral in itself (each composition evokes through music a different definition of “spiral”), and at the same time the succession of the pieces creates a bigger spiral that juxtaposes in the last movement “Eadem mutata resurgo”. The creation of this piece is approached through sensations more than mathematics, and it is a personal search for repetition, identity, change, and the turning of geometric ideas and fundamental questions into musical artifice.

If this piece manages to represent the shapes of nature and the universe, or if it works more like a second Archimedean spiral carved in Bernoulli’s grave, the composer rests satisfied.

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About the composer:

Manuel Velázquez is a Mexican composer; he studied composition in Mexico City and Barcelona. He’s work attempts to build bridges between classical tradition and popular approach. In the popular world he leads a solo project as well as “Pop Hessarg” and “The Writer is Alive”. As a composer his work have been performed in Mexico, Spain and Lithuania.  He works creating music for Film and Theatre and has developed as music lecturer, teaching composition and music theory in various universities.


Kūrinio “Spira Mirabilis” prezentacija, paskaita – diskusija apie muzikos kūrimą

Suteikdamas progą išgirsti dar neišleistą kūrinį “Spira Mirabilis”, kompozitorius Manuel Velazquez  atskleis savo požiūrį į muzikos kūrimą,  pasidalins įžvalgomis.

Šį renginį sudarys 30 minučių paskaita apie muzikos kalbą ir muzikinių idėjų formavimąsi, formavimą ir plėtojimą, taip pat apie jų atskleidžiamas reikšmes. Iliustruodamas aptartas idėjas, kompozitorius pasidalins savo nauju, dar neišleistu kūriniu “Spira Mirabilis”. Spira Mirabilis yra kūrinys fortepijonui, padalintas į septynis vienas kitą jungiančius kūrinius.  Po pokalbio bus skiriamas laikas komentarams ir klausimams.

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Apie kompozitorių:

Manuel Velázquez yra kompozitorius iš Meksikos, studijavęs kompoziciją Meksike ir Barselonoje. Jo kūryba yra brėžianti tiltus tarp klasikinės tradicijos ir populiariojo požiūrio į muziką. Populiariosios muzikos pasaulyje kompozitorius yra išleidęs solo albumą bei kuria projektuose: “Pop Hessarg” and “The Writer is Alive”, o jo kaip akademinio kompozitoriaus kūriniai pristatyti Meksikoje, Ispanijoje ir Lietuvoje. Manuel Velázquez taip pat kuria muziką filmams ir teatrui, skaito paskaitas ir moko muzikos kompozicijos ir muzikos teorijos.

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