Mind Sharpener: Music and film music: differences and similarities, with Manuel Velázquez

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[LT] “Mind Sharpener” – tai gyvų, provokuojančių bei kviečiančių pamąstymams, pokalbių ir diskusijų serija, pradedant akademiniais tyrimais ir baigiant refleksijomis, kylančiomis iš profesinės praktikos. Nagrinėjamos temos nuo kalbos ištakų iki matematinių modelių, nuo autoritetų ugdyme iki skaitmeninių pasakojimų ir daug daugiau (išsamus buvusių įvykių sąrašas: Viskas, kas įkvepia, įtraukia ir suteikia informacijos, pristatoma su […]


“Artist Portrait” Series – Summer Residency 2017

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Artist Portrait project

“Artist Portrait” project is a peek into the lives of creatives. How and where do they create? What inspires them? What are their philosophical stands and ideas on life?  Let’s meet them! This video was the start of “Artist Portrait” project. A short representation of the summer art residency 2017 at Ideas Block.  


Drawing Workshops

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New addition to our activities: + Drawing Workshops We will be offering two types of workshops – Observation Based: with still life or a live model. Free of critic or with feedback and theory input for whomever wishes so. – Experimental: This includes line, mark-making, mindfulness, and physical concentration dynamics. Different for every occasion, for […]

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New Creative Space in Vilnius

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Just a few days ago we finally inaugurated our creative space in Vilnius. It is a place where culture happens and ideas are fostered through various art and design practices, talks and workshops. Here we host interdisciplinary art exhibitions and sell handmade products by emerging designers, artists and makers. It is a place where you can come […]


Surreal Photographic Stories by Oleg Oprisco

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Oleg Oprisco Photography

Today I would like to dip into the creative world of photography. Nowadays photography strongly relies on digital cameras and image editing software. And that is quite natural, as a lot of people like to simplify things, therefore they choose digital over analogue. Endless software possibilities give them an opportunity to alter the reality and that is very attractive. […]


Handwoven Fibre Jewellery by Lesh

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Lesh Jewellery

Today on the blog we have an opportunity to get an insight into the creative world of a fibre artist and photographer Summer Moore. She creates unique handwoven jewellery pieces in her New York based studio, under the brand name Lesh. Initially Summer’s interest in fibre arts was inspired by antique Andean textiles seen in Peru, later influenced by the […]