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MUSICALITY AND MUSIC CREATION Develop your “musicality” through a profound understanding of music language. We speak of “musicality” when someone, apart from their technical ability in an instrument or their knowledge of music theory, manages to easily create and develop musical ideas that connect with a listener. This ability is nothing more than an understanding […]


On music creation

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Composer’s understanding of music language and the formation, shaping, and development of musical ideas as well as their possible implications in their usage in human communication.

Concerts & Performances

Urban Session

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On the 23rd of November, 2019 we had this excellent concert by : UKMZOOa crew with few people from a small town. Beats, rhymes, graffiti, is what connect us to spread love for Hip-Hop, love for people. Jee and Buck will give you some advices and stories about streets. Listen carefully. LUCKY CERVERAColombian rapper based […]