“Interference” in physics refers to the superposition of two waves, resulting in a new wave with a unique representation and shape. The four artists of “Interference,” Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė, Carla Petzolt, Mareile Gnep, and Miriam Taschler, appropriate this concept to their respective art forms of dance and photography. By combining these mediums, they create a dynamic new form of expression that surpasses their individual practices. “Interference” explores the interplay between dance and photography as they become counterparts in the creative process.

The artists examine the concept of shame through a feminist lens, scrutinising its social, political, and cultural implications. Their work investigates the shame that can be internalised or imposed upon individual bodies, focusing on issues of vulnerability, intimacy, and nationality. Through their use of refractory tools, they challenge societal norms and encourage viewers to reconsider their relationship to space and identity.

“Interference” offers an invitation to the viewer to engage with these complex concepts through an experiential lens. The artists’ interdisciplinary approach, informed by a process of experimentation and collaboration, offers a nuanced exploration of shame and its intersectional implications. Through their unique combination of dance and photography, they push the boundaries of conventional artistic practices and challenge viewers to consider new perspectives. By inviting audiences to engage with their work on multiple levels, the artists encourage a deeper understanding of the complexities of shame and the ways in which it intersects with issues of identity, vulnerability, and power.

Photography: Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė
Dance: Mareile Gnep, Carla Petzolt, Miriam Taschler
Music composition: Filippos Raskovic
Supported by: Flause+



„Interferencija“ fizikoje apibūdina dviejų bangų superpoziciją, kurių amplitudės persipina viena virš kitos ir taip sukuria naują bangą. Šį vaizdinį menininkės adaptuoja šokio ir fotografijos jungčiai.

Šioje parodoje fotografė Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė ir šokėjos Carla Petzolt, Mareile Gnep, Miriam Taschler nagrinėja gėdos sąvoką per feministinę prizmę, analizuodamos jos socialines, politines ir kultūrines implikacijas. Jų darbo centre – internalizuota arba primesta gėda, keičianti judesio visuomenėje kryptis. Pasitelkiant fotografinius ir choreografinius metodus savo darbo procesui, menininkės skatina žiūrovus persvarstyti savo pačių santykį su erdve ir tapatybe. Šokis ir fotografija, kaip lygiaverčių elementų sąveika stipriausiai atsiskleidžia pasirodymo metu.

Fotografija: Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė
Šokis: Mareile Gnep, Carla Petzolt, Miriam Taschler
Muzika: Filippos Raskovic
Rėmėjas: Flausen+

Photographs of the exhibition and performance: Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė

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