“ESOTERIC SURREALISM. In the age of imminent collapse” – visual art exhibition, 2020 10 01 – 10 25

Esoteric surrealism in the age of imminent collapse

A duo art exhibition from surrealist artists Indrė Labanauskaitė (Lithuania) and Peter Striffolino (USA). Coming together for the first time to showcase their recent collaborative and individual drawings. The body of work consists mainly of pen and ink drawings with rich details and mystical inspirations. Their collaborative pieces were done remotely throughout the recent lockdown and digitally polished, what you see here is the raw and original parts of each collaboration physically combined for the first time.


Instagram: @manyiiiart

Her subject matter explores the 19th Century Surrealist movement, interpreting it through a unique perspective and incorporating ideas of femininity throughout. Drawing on her architectural background, she also explores spatial relationships and interior structures where her figures exist.

Education: Kaunas University of Technology Masters of Architecture program.Indrė has lived throughout Europe including London and Barcelona and is currently residing in Vilnius. Several years ago she committed to pursuing a path of artistic expression, since then developing her technique of dot and line-work.Her Manifesto conveys some of her inspirations and motivations as an artist.

Instagram: @strifftease

These pieces continue his series of work where he focuses on linework, textures, and surreal mutations of the classic figure form. This series explores ideas of dissociation, perception, and destruction of the self.

Education: University of New Hampshire Fine Arts program.An Artist originally from New England, USA, living in New York City from 2010-2018 and then Los Angeles before coming to Lithuania. His drawings are detailed, surrealistic line drawings on paper primarily with ink and graphite.



Siurrealistų menininkų Indrės Labanauskaitės (Lietuva) ir Peterio Striffolino (JAV) duetas pirmą kartą surengs bendrą parodą, kurioje pristatys savo kolaboracinę ir individualią kūrybą. Eksponuojami darbai – tai piešiniai atlikti rašiklių ir tušo pagalba, turtingi detalėmis ir mistiniais įkvėpimais. Bendri kūriniai buvo atlikti nuotoliniu būdu, karantino metu, bei patobulinti skaitmeniniu priemonių pagalba. Tai, ką matote čia, yra neapdorotos, originalios kiekvieno bendradarbiavimo dalys, fiziškai sujungtos pirmą kartą.

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