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Fabrics of Sound by BeatWoven

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Sound and textiles to me looks like a perfect combination. While doing research on this subject I found something really interesting- woven fabric featuring sound patterns. The geometric patterns created by the beats and sounds in music are set to the loom to be materialised. This wonderful project is created by the textiles label BeatWoven, based in London. Here are a few […]

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Intricate Drawing Machine Patterns by Eske Rex

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Eske Rex

A while back I was admiring some amazing creations made with a Drawing Machine by a Copenhagen-based artist and designer Eske Rex. Intricate one of a kind drawings are made with a machine, which on its own is a piece of art: a monumental sculpture investigating time and movement. The artist also created a Grinder, based on […]


Research, Science and Art from Rotterdam

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Edwin van der Heide

I would like to bring to you the work of Edwin van der Heide, an artist and researcher from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, whose work involves exploration and playfulness with concepts such as sound, space, light and technology. Edwin uses diverse media to chase awareness through experiencing physical phenomena. He succeeds in producing places with beautiful […]


Unexplored Territories with Robert Henke

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Fragile Territories - Robert Henke

Amazing blend of techniques, light and sound, incredibly worked interaction with every detail thought off. This is what Robert Henke’s art installation Fragile Territories is about. Fragile Territories from Robert Henke on Vimeo. This type of installation does not let anything loose, the design of the beauty of the laser lines, with the composition of […]