Worshipping Nature with Satsuki Shibuya

Satsuki Shibuya - Lunareclipse

Now it is the time of the year when we can enjoy the longest hours of sunshine and fill ourselves with high amounts of energy it offers. Just a few days ago we had the Summer Solstice. And tonight in many countries there is a celebration dedicated to this event, a beautiful celebration worshipping Nature.

For this reason I was looking for an inspiration that could be related to this wonderful time of the year. Inspired by nature, something spiritual and open to interpretations. And I discovered these gorgeous delicate art pieces by Satsuki Shibuya, an artist based in California. Satsuki’s works are an exploration of spirit, energy and nature in search for peace and harmony… So let yourself be inspired by her thoughtful abstractions.

To find out more about the artist, please visit her website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

All the images used in this post belong to the artist.

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