Unexplored Territories with Robert Henke

Fragile Territories - Robert Henke


Amazing blend of techniques, light and sound, incredibly worked interaction with every detail thought off. This is what Robert Henke’s art installation Fragile Territories is about.

Fragile Territories from Robert Henke on Vimeo.

This type of installation does not let anything loose, the design of the beauty of the laser lines, with the composition of elements, the sound of the frequencies, each one with a logic and place.

Small mechanical sounds, sparks of electricity, electric light, constant lifelong pulsations. These elements merge with the movement of laser generated beam, projected on the wall. Phenomenal algorithms powering this ordered, yet unpredictable art installation.

The result: a joy of patterns and structures that emerge of a mind with outstanding connection with its technology tools.

This installation has been showing around the world since 2012, with the next show on:

Oct.14 – Nov. 5, 2014 in Rennes, France, at Les Champs Libres.

You have to see it if you are around!

Article by Roberto Becerra.

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