Once Upon a Time – Introduction to Creative Drama for Kids

Once Upon a Time…
Introduction to Creative Drama

Experience some of the world’s best-loved tales through interactive drama! Using acting exercises and their imagination, students will recreate age-old stories, turning them into exciting new adventures. Working as an ensemble, children will be introduced to the arts of performance and storytelling, while flexing their creative muscles and, most importantly… having fun! 

We have two different age groups:

Age: 7 – 9 (23rd of September)

Age 10 – 13 (30th of September)

Price: 15 Euros 

Please note that classes will be taught in English, but all children are welcome regardless of language proficiency or ability. 

To register please fill in this form.

Children should wear comfortable clothing for movement purposes and be provided with a light snack. For more information about the class, please contact Rose at: fredson.ellis@gmail.com

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