Movie Night: Welt am Draht, part 1

movie night at ideas block lt

Are you inside a computer simulation?

The idea of the reality or relevance of human life is coming back to us in waves. Being a brain in a jar, an evil demon, or our future relationship with the machines and Artificial Intelligence, this hits us right in the face again.

We invite you to join us in some less known expression of these ideas. Welt am Draht is a German 70’s science fiction film, based on a 1964 novel, Simulacron-3, dealing with the computer simulation scenario.

Long before The Matrix, in Germany, this 2-part film depicted this challenge to knowledge and reality. What have you got to say about it? thoughts? are they in a jar? or perhaps in a computer game?

Come and join us for this evening. Discussion to follow.

As usual, you will be able to get some non-alcoholic drinks and snacks from us, or bring your own drinks.

FREE admision, Donations welcome.

Find Facebook event here.

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