Mind Sharpener: What Is Today’s Museum?, 14th of March, 19.00

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“Mind Sharpener” – a series of lively, thought-provoking talks and debates rooted in academic research but of general interest and open to everyone. Topics range from political theory to poetry, from violence in discourse to the origins of language. The idea is to bring the fruits of research to a wide and diversified audience, and let the audience become an active participant by raising questions, proposing solutions, engaging in the tasks and activities provided by the speaker.

Everything will take place in an informal and cosy atmosphere, enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine. All the discussions will be held in English.

What Is Today’s Museum?

by Jolanta Mickutė

Is a museum a place of death full of dusty treasures? Is it a cultural space, even a forum, for the inquisitive and learned visitors? Or is it simply a hub of attractions for everyone, integrated with eating, shopping, and other lifestyle experiences?

At least once, we all have been to a museum, be it the ancient Colosseum in Rome or the modern Mo Museum in Vilnius. So what do we expect of a museum these days? And, more importantly, how do we construct a museum, in terms of its contents, message, mission, and other visible and invisible things, to make us leave satisfied with it?

Currently, a new museum—The Lost Shtetl Museum—is under development in Lithuania.
To make it engaging, a team of Vilnius-based curators is working hard with a group of NYC designers, foreign and local experts of Jewish and East European history, culture, and religion, as well as many others

Come to our talk to learn more about it! The one-hour talk will include the host Davide Castiglione, Jolanta Mickutė, an historian of Jewish past and a script writer for the Shtetl Museum, and of course you, dear audience.

Come to ask your question!

Jolanta Mickutė holds her Ph.D. from Indiana University-Bloomington in the United States, in addition to M.A.s from Oxford University in England and Vilnius University in Lithuania, respectively. She has published articles on Jewish history in Eastern Europe and Russia, Jewish women, Yiddish culture, and gender. Mickutė has presented her work in Europe, Israel, and the United States.

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