Meditation Art, 29th of November, 19.00

Meditation Art

On the 29th of November we invite you to create together with Scuadra sin Compás. David Cuadra, a visual artist from Nicaragua working and living in Lithuania. 

This meditative art session aims at putting us in a mental place where we can explore inside and express what we see by painting and drawing, led by Scuadra. 

“Relax for a moment and take a deep breath. Now, open your mind, heart and soul to understand the message. There is a voice inside of you that only you can hear. I say, let’s use that voice to create something unique that you have not seen, just yet. 

We will meditate together and identify the different elements and symbols that our inner selves use to communicate with us, then we will transform this personal internal message into a beautiful artwork.

Even though this will be a guided session the only visual reference we will use is your inner mirror.”

Fee: 10 eur

Language: English

We will provide you with all the materials and tools needed for the session.

The spaces are limited, so please register by sending Ideas Block LT a message or email to

This workshop is part of “Young Ideas” project – a series of cultural and artistic events focused on development of contemporary and innovative ideas, as well as supporting young, up and coming artists, musicians and makers. The project is partially supported by Vilnius City Council.

Paper provider for this workshop – SMLTArt.

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