Inner Jewel Workshop: Story Bracelets, 25th of September, 18.00

SangKala jewelry - Story Bracelets

Inner Jewel Workshops with SangKala Jewelry – a series of self-care jewelry-making workshops focusing on different life themes, paired with various techniques of jewelry-making.

During this upcoming workshop, we’ll learn how to make what the author calls “story bracelets.” Here we’ll begin by exploring stories from your own life that are important for you, and then we’ll translate this story into a bracelet that you’ll make yourself. You will go home with your bracelet that tells a precious story. Your story. You can also wear this bracelet as a necklace. It is up to you.

Who is behind SangKala Jewelry: a jewelry-maker and psychologist with years of experience in both.

The workshop will be in English.

Price: 38 eur

To have an optimal interaction, space is limited to maximum six persons. Prior registration is required. Please fill in this form to register:


This is not an art therapy group, but a technique-focused workshop on how to use jewelry-making as a way to explore, express and de-stress. Everyone is welcome. This is not a replacement or substitute to psychotherapy treatments conducted by trained and certified professionals. I encourage you to seek professional help if that is what you need

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