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Earthy Tones and Textures by AR Ceramics

AR Ceramics

I have to tell you that I am still here, busier than usual though. Juggling a few things at a time I finally found a few minutes to share some inspiring creations with you all. Since the weather in here is finally starting to change, feeling a little bit more like Autumn, I start looking for handmade creations that feature natural textures and earthy tones. The type of objects that resemble this time of the year and add some cosiness to an interior space. And here I have a perfect example from London based designer Andrea Roman working under the name AR Ceramics.

Andrea makes beautiful and unique hand thrown ceramic pieces, inspired by sand, mud, dirt and soil. The artist takes care to combine different textures in her work, such as the coarseness of a sandy clay with the smooth glazed surfaces. Her ceramic pieces are just perfect for adding some earthy warmth into your home during this humid and cold time of the year.

Have a look at Andrea’s website, to find the full range of her current pieces. And if you live in London you can even pick up your order directly from the artist and see how her creative space looks like. If you wish to keep updated with AR Ceramics creations, you can follow the artist on Instagram. I have to mention that Andrea not only works with clay, but she is also a graphic designer and the examples of her projects can be found here.

All the images used in this post belongs to the artist.

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