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open call for artists, designers, residencies, creative thinkers

Ideas Block – creative space & cafe invites artists, designers and creative minds to participate in our activities. We are looking for new proposals for art exhibitions, designer products, events, workshops and other creative project ideas. If you have interesting, unusual, innovative ideas and would like to develop and share them, get in touch with […]


Mood: Rust Speck

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Camelotia Studio

Knitted sweater by Camelotia. Rust dyed cotton tote bag by Natural Primitives. Handmade terrarium by Box Wood Tree. Handmade ceramics by Liquorice Moon Studios. Bowl-cup with clay spoon by Eeli-Ethel Polli.


Handwoven Fibre Jewellery by Lesh

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Lesh Jewellery

Today on the blog we have an opportunity to get an insight into the creative world of a fibre artist and photographer Summer Moore. She creates unique handwoven jewellery pieces in her New York based studio, under the brand name Lesh. Initially Summer’s interest in fibre arts was inspired by antique Andean textiles seen in Peru, later influenced by the […]

Ceramic Designers

Textures and Floral Patterns in Dorotea Ceramics

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Dorotea Ceramics

Today I have one more inspiring story for you, an interesting interview with a visual artist and ceramicist Carolina Silva, who is originally from Spain, but now based in Seattle. Apart from creating art pieces for exhibitions Carolina also works on her nature inspired ceramics’ line Dorotea. Her ceramics are filled with floral patterns that artist draws by hand. Therefore, each […]


Ocean Blues by Milly Dent

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Milly Dent

As I am having my morning tea, I imagine all the beautiful cups that are being made out there in the world, cups that would make my tea even tastier. And among those special vessels I place the imaginative ceramic creations by Milly Dent. Milly Dent is a designer and maker based in Sydney, where she creates distinct geometric tableware infused […]


Earthy Tones and Textures by AR Ceramics

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AR Ceramics

I have to tell you that I am still here, busier than usual though. Juggling a few things at a time I finally found a few minutes to share some inspiring creations with you all. Since the weather in here is finally starting to change, feeling a little bit more like Autumn, I start looking for handmade creations that feature […]


One of a Kind Ceramic Pieces by Free Folding

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Free Folding Ceramics

Today’s inspiration is filled with nature. Simple, yet one of a kind shapes, decorated with organic patterns, are hand made into beautiful ceramic pieces. And these pieces are created by Michal Keren Gelman, an artist based in Israel, who lives surrounded by nature, alongside a nature reserve and Mediterranean Sea. Michal designs and hand crafts delightful ceramics for her brand […]


Miles and Louie, Where Classic and Modern Styles Meet

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Miles and Louie

Often in this blog I write about people I never met, but I always feel like I get to know them at least a little bit through looking at their websites or reading their stories. Exploring the lives of creative people is truly exciting! It is even more interesting to meet these people in person, learn each of their […]