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open call for artists, designers, residencies, creative thinkers

Ideas Block – creative space & cafe invites artists, designers and creative minds to participate in our activities. We are looking for new proposals for art exhibitions, designer products, events, workshops and other creative project ideas. If you have interesting, unusual, innovative ideas and would like to develop and share them, get in touch with […]

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Handwoven Fibre Jewellery by Lesh

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Lesh Jewellery

Today on the blog we have an opportunity to get an insight into the creative world of a fibre artist and photographer Summer Moore. She creates unique handwoven jewellery pieces in her New York based studio, under the brand name Lesh. Initially Summer’s interest in fibre arts was inspired by antique Andean textiles seen in Peru, later influenced by the […]


Earthy Tones and Textures by AR Ceramics

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AR Ceramics

Ceramic Artist Andrea Roman, working under the name AR Ceramics, makes beautiful and unique hand thrown ceramic pieces, inspired by sand, mud, dirt and soil. The artist takes care to combine different textures in her work, such as the coarseness of a sandy clay with the smooth glazed surfaces. Have a look at Andrea’s website, to […]