Collage Stories – Poem Collage Workshop

Poem collage - Roberto

In the beginning of January we had a poem collage workshop at our creative space. The participants created some great collages and here are the results:



“Drawing on abstract quotes from popular media the collage is both a critique and a social encouragement. It criticizes the notion of indifference as a social phenomenon while putting tragic references into a pop song-like named poem. It is meant to facilitate dialogue around how violence and indifference are framed in various social contexts. And while the poem does not provide an answer, it is a starting point. It aims to stay with the spectator during his future social encounters and encourage a construction of a more valid, more humanist narrative about the important issues that our society faces today.”



“The world is like mosaic! Poetry too 🙂

Thanks for this workshop. It was like word meditation.”

Rūta Vyšnia


“This collage is an outlet of ideas as for the state of perception. Archetypes and wonder, together with structures and emotions serve as language.”


“This is the real world made of chocolate’ – the world of wander, observation and understanding. A few words and images can create whatever meaning you wish them to have.”







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