City Explorer. Berlin. Part II

berlin city guide

berlin city guide

Back to Berlin! There are so many places to see and things to do in this city that this guide covers only a small part of all the interesting things happening in Berlin. I also would like to encourage you to go on exploring new places whenever possible in the most unusual settings. Also have a look at other websites focusing on life and travelling in Berlin, I included a list of these at the end of the post.

And now let’s continue this adventure!


I am going to start with one of my favourite spots focusing on sustainability, a green space created by local residents that is used to produce fresh food, a place where people come together to experiment and learn about organic food production, biodiversity and climate protection. This place is called Prinzessinnengärten and is surrounded by busy streets, but once you go inside the garden is like a little oasis, where you can relax under the trees and have some freshly made pizza, coffee or craft beer. And from here you can head to explore the busier side of Kreuzberg.

If you walk down Oranienstrasse you will find a few interesting shops on the way. A great example of how well designer products could be combined with a good coffee is a collaborative space Voo Store and Companion Coffee, located in one of the beautiful courtyards of Oranienstrasse. 

As you come closer to Spree river there are more and more bars, cafes and other interesting places. One great discovery of this area was New Deli Yoga, a very cosy place serving delicious vegan and vegetarian food, and also free yoga classes!

Before you start visiting the bars, I would suggest not to miss Berlin’s monument to freedom – East Side Gallery, which is on the other side of the river, in Friedrichshein.

berlin east side gallery

I didn’t have a chance to explore Friedrichshein during the day very much, but in the evening I saw it filling up with life, a mix of all kinds of people, enjoying the busy nightlife of Berlin. It is the are of Kreuzberg-Friedrichschein that offers different bars and clubs for your taste. In this area the famous Berghain club is based, where you can party non-stop for days. If you are not up for that there are many other options on both sides of the river. A very interesting spot is Birgit & Bier, located in an old theme park it sets a great mood for the evening. And very close to this place there is another venue worth exploring – a night market happening in Treptower Art Center. In other words it’s a designer and flea market taking place at night, or just an interesting place to hang out. 


And now let’s move to Neukölln, a more chilled area with little cafes and shops to explore. It is located next to Tempelhofer Feld, an abandoned airport field, now used as a park, where lots of people come to enjoy the sun during the weekends. Nearby there are quite a few cafes and restaurants, just like Pappelreihe, Cafe LUX or Nebenan, so you can grab a drink or meal and come to the park to relax. 

Not so far from Templehofer Feld there is an art collective and co-working space Agora, with a beautiful cafe and a leafy quiet garden to enjoy your coffee or a snack. If you are looking for other interesting places where art is served with coffee then you can try Prachtwerk cafe, gallery and event space. And you are into sound art or music then check out Noize Fabric. Also for contemporary art, music and coffee head to Projektraum.

And if you are a traveller like me, you might also like to find a bit of California in Berlin. Visit Roamers, a rustic farmhouse style place with lots of plants, country music and great food. And while you’re in the neighbourhood visit Shio store for handmade clothing, accessories, objects and stationary from independent Berlin designers. 

In Neukölln there is a great spot to see the city from above while having a beer or coffee at the spacious rooftop summer terrace, called Klunkerkranich

berlin neukolln

Other great places to visit:

Funkhaus Berlin – definitely a special place that you should not miss. It is a Bauhaus style building that once was East Germany’s central radio station. I also heard that it is the largest studio complex in the world, so it’s quite impressive! Go there for some crazy music events. Check out their event list to choose the best time to go.

Greenhouse Berlin – a multidisciplinary artist house with around 200 art studios in the building. Artists live and work here. Here you can find a gallery/event space that hosts interesting contemporary art events and exhibitions, also a cafe/bar with live music at night.

Bikini Berlin – A concept shopping centre, a unique combination of shopping, gastronomy, workspaces, cinema, leisure, recreation and hotel. Come here to find some interesting fresh and established designers’ products or just enjoy some great food. 

bikini berlin

Berlin University of the Arts – if you are into arts, consider visiting this place. It looks like quite a liberal place where students smoke inside the building and draw graffitis on the walls, while creating whatever crazy art they imagine. We went there during the open days, so we got a chance to see the works of the students and the whole atmosphere of the university. Interesting!

Not so far from the university you can also find a great flea market taking place on Saturdays. This one is not so famous among tourists and the young trendy crowd of Berlin, so it might be the place to go for slightly lower prices.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – an impressive large scale sculpture complex.

berlin memorial to the murdered jews of europe

Would like to visit more galleries? Head to Potsdamer Strasse. Here you will find galleries side by side to one another, such as Loock, Galerie Judin or Berlin Art Projects.

Here are a few good online magazines about Berlin if you are interested to know more:

Stil in Berlin – explores city life of Berlin with the best places to eat, shop or hang out.

I Heart Berlin – your guide to Berlin with lots of stories about life in here and things to do.

Slow Travel Berlin – explore Berlin in more detail.

Art Connect Berlin – Everything about arts and culture in Berlin, artist residencies, studio rentals and job offers in the creative sector.

Berlin Art Link – the insider’s guide to contemporary art and culture in Berlin.

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