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open call for artists, designers, residencies, creative thinkers

Ideas Block – creative space & cafe invites artists, designers and creative minds to participate in our activities. We are looking for new proposals for art exhibitions, designer products, events, workshops and other creative project ideas. If you have interesting, unusual, innovative ideas and would like to develop and share them, get in touch with […]


Movie Night: Remembering Europe. May 20th, 19.00

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Movie night - Remembering Europe

Remembering Europe (59′, 2016) A sci-fi documentary film essay based on the future archive. 2040 and the sun is shining: does anybody remember Europe? This film travels across the continent asking people about their experiences and memories of Europe and the EU, as lived territory, social and (geo)political construct. The crisis of 2008-2018 weights heavy […]

Explorer's Guide

City Explorer. Berlin. Part II

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berlin city guide

Back to Berlin! There are so many places to see and things to do in this city that this guide covers only a small part of all the interesting things happening in Berlin. I also would like to encourage you to go on exploring new places whenever possible in the most unusual settings. Also have a look at […]