Community Market on Fair Trade Day, 12th of May, 16.00

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Fair Trade Day

May 12 – Fair Trade Day. This day we would like to invite you for a community market and to learn more about fair trade principles and meet with the local artists, makers and those inspired by fair trade and community trade culture. On Saturday afternoon you will not only find likeminded people, but also […]

Explorer's Guide

City Explorer. Berlin. Part II

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berlin city guide

Back to Berlin! There are so many places to see and things to do in this city that this guide covers only a small part of all the interesting things happening in Berlin. I also would like to encourage you to go on exploring new places whenever possible in the most unusual settings. Also have a look at […]


Mood: Moon Textures

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Mae Engelgeer

Today I am introducing a new section to Ideasblock – Mood. Here we will have daily inspirations of art, design, photography, colours, textures, patterns and anything else that will come to mind that particular day. It is all about inspiration! Today’s mood is Moon Textures: Blankets from ‘Mod’ collection by Mae Engelgeer. Still life photography […]

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Estudio 164, Tijuana, Mexico

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Estudio 164

Lately I have been busy with so many things that I didn’t have a minute to write a new post… I got carried away with my detailed drawings, playing with colours and ideas, designing and making. And I just felt like I needed to write something, let one new idea out into the World. Finally, here it is. […]


Decorate Your Home with Hello Hydrangea

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Hello Hydrangea

Time for inspiration! This time I would like to share with you all some hand woven beauties that I came across recently. These creations are handmade in Houston, Texas by a designer and maker Lindsey Campbell. Lindsey is a graphic designer and photographer by day, and the rest of her time she spends weaving. Her wall hangings have beautiful textures, […]

Small Talks

Energising Creations by Liz Payne

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Liz Payne

I believe that most of us from time to time feel the need to surround ourselves with bright objects. Especially after long winters, during rainy days or just on one of those occasions when we feel the lack of energy. Colours hold a lot of power. And this power can lift up our mood or bring back some […]


Modern Textiles with Native American Feel by Alpaca India

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Alpaca India

I am constantly looking for new inspirations and artists, but very often I overlook the creative people around me. It is time to explore the surrounding artistic scene. So today I would like to introduce you to a textile design brand based in Tijuana, Mexico – Alpaca India. Alpaca India is formed by two artists Olivia Arreguin & Leigh […]

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Tijuana’s Design Market

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Domingos de Diseno - cecut

This time I would like to draw your attention to one of the local events here in Tijuana, Mexico. This goes to all the handmade craft and design lovers out there. Just before Christmas I was attending a design market in Tijuana, organised by the cultural centre. I was showcasing and selling my handmade products from my […]