Unique Porcelain Pieces by ENDE

ENDE Ceramics

If you are one of those tea or coffee lovers, you know how great it is to have that beautiful special cup to enjoy your morning drink… So if you are looking for your new favourite cup just have a look at these pretty porcelain creations from ENDE.

ENDE is an art studio, based in Wrocław, Poland,  founded by Natalia Gruszecka and Jakub Kwarciński, who hand make beautiful cups, vases and small porcelain figures. The company’s goal is to find uncommon forms for everyday items, in order to make them special and unique for the end user. Their products combine unusual shapes, metallic colour details among their plain monochromatic designs. ENDE ceramics studio, started out of curiosity, is now growing fast and their porcelain pieces are finding their way to the different parts of the world.

And here is a great short video depicting the production process of these beautiful porcelain creations…

Would you like your cup to take shape of a face or some other unusual form? If this is what you are looking for, then have a look at ENDE’s product range on their Etsy shop, or website, where you might find a unique piece for you. You can also get the news and find out more about the process of making by following the company’s Facebook page or Instagram.

All the images used in this post belong to ENDE ceramics studio.

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