Natural Dyeing with Cara Marie Piazza

Cara Marie Piazza

You might think that is a weird thing to say, but I just love natural dyes! Maybe it is not so odd if you consider that I am a textile designer, so my mind is always filled with ideas about colours, patterns, textures, materials and, of course, dyes. I am happy to find designers experimenting with alternative ways of applying colours to the fabrics, using natural and ecological materials. Therefore I was so excited when I found out about a textile designer Cara Marie Piazza.

Cara Marie Piazza lives and creates her sustainable one of a kind textiles in New York. She explores natural dyes based on plants, minerals, food waste and non-toxic metals. All her pieces are manufactured locally using organic natural materials.

The artist works with various companies and designers producing exclusive pieces that can be seen on her website. Also her Facebook page, Instagram, TwitterPinterest and blog are all filled with many inspiring things!

All the photographs used in this post belong to Cara Marie Piazza.

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