Mind Sharpener: Models and Thinking, 17th of October, 19.00

Mind Sharpener talk



by Daniel Solomon

“Mind Sharpener” – a series of lively, thought-provoking talks and debates rooted in academic research but of general interest and open to everyone. Topics range from political theory to poetry, from violence in discourse to the origins of language. The idea is to bring the fruits of research to a wide and diversified audience, and let the audience become an active participant by raising questions, proposing solutions, engaging in the tasks and activities provided by the speaker.

Everything will take place in an informal and cosy atmosphere, enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine. All the discussions will be held in English. 

“This talk is about models: mental, mathematical or otherwise. I will discuss why we need models, their main building blocks and why they can go wrong/why otherwise reasonable people can get into (intellectually) violent arguments about them.

I will argue that models are everywhere around us and in our heads (though we spend most of our lives and thoughts unconscious about this). Explicit awareness of and study of models makes humans more conscious of our environment and our minds, which may be good for its own sake (like art) or may occasionally improve human thinking and decisions.”

Daniel Solomon joined Euromonitor International in 2011 and is responsible for macro-economic modelling and analysis. His areas of expertise include business cycles, financial markets and the macroeconomy, dynamic general equilibrium models and applied macro econometrics. Daniel holds a Master of Science in Management/Finance from Queen’s University – Queen’s School of Business, Canada, a Master of Arts in Economics from McGill University, Canada and a PhD in Economics from the Université de Montréal, Canada.

All the events will be shown live on our Facebook page.

Do you want to propose a talk and/or share your research with us? Write to davide.castiglione@gmail.com with your proposed topic.

This talk is part of “Young Ideas” project – a series of cultural and artistic events focused on development of contemporary and innovative ideas, as well as supporting young, up and coming artists, musicians and makers. The project is partially funded by Vilnius City Council.

Free entrance. Donations welcome.


“Mind Sharpener” – tai gyvų, provokuojančių bei kviečiančių pamąstymams, pokalbių ir diskusijų serija, paremta akademiniais tyrimais, tačiau aktuali ir atvira visiems. Nagrinėjamos temos nuo politikos teorijos iki poezijos, nuo smurto diskurse iki kalbos kilmės. Šia renginių serija norima pasidalinti akademinių tyrimų vaisiais su plačia ir daugialype auditorija, bei įtraukti susirinkusiuosius į diskusijas: keliant klausimus ieškant sprendimų, įsitraukiant į užduotis ir veiklas parengtas kalbančiųjų. Viskas vyks jaukioje neformalioje aplinkoje su puodeliu kavos ar vyno taure. 

Pokalbiai vyks anglų kalba. 

Visi renginiai bus transliuojami mūsų Facebooko puslapyje.

Ši paskaita yra dalis projekto “Jaunos idėjos” – tai kultūrinių ir meninių renginių programa, skirta šiuolaikinių, inovatyvių idėjų vystymui, bei remianti jaunus, pradedančius menininkus, muzikantus ir kūrėjus. Projektas dalinai finansuojamas Vilniaus miesto savivaldybės.

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