Jaw Harp Workshop at Ideas Block, 28th of February, 6 pm

Jaw Harp workshop

Let’s learn to play Jaw Harp, one of the oldest instruments in the world.

Let’s gather for beginners lesson of this instrument. If you just know how to make a few sounds or if you are eager to learn how to play, then this is the time and space to do so.

Jaw harp is found around many nations and cultures across Europe and Asia and has many different names. Lithuania also had a culture of this instrument. Here it is called dambrelis.

The sound of the harp depends not only on the instrument, but also on us, since we are its resonator. Your inner state, shape of your mouth, position of your tong, your breathing, your throat are some of of the aspects that add to the magical and deep sound, which might help to stop your inner monologue and reach trance.

Simas Janulis, will tell and teach about:
– The harp, some history, construction and variety;
– How to start playing: holding, getting sound right, changing sound;
– Rythmical figures and playing together;
– Various tips and tricks for more interesting playing.

You will be provided with the instruments for the workshop. There will be a possibility to buy one.

Price: 10 €

Workshop language: English (and Lithuanian if needed)

Please register for the workshop here.

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