COVID-19 CREATIVE OUTLET: Mixed Media Art by Mark E.Flowers

The World is experiencing a moment of stand-still during the events of Covid-19 pandemic. Surely it is affecting each one of us in many different ways. To some this means fear and uncertainty about the future, economic difficulties, to others – inspiration and time to create. This period brings ideas into surface, raises questions and debates about our healthcare and economic systems, ecological, political and social issues.

This is a series of posts featuring creative expressions made during Covid-19 pandemic, or previous works that are particularly relevant during these times of change.

Today we are sharing mixed media artworks by an artist from the US – Mark E. Flowers. His works touch the political and social matters, through his personal experience, in a search of understanding and meaning in the world.

“Swallowing the Bitter Pill” is a painting I made back in 2017 expressing my frustration with the current political situation. But now it seems even more appropriate with the many more bitter pills we are swallowing. It is a time for sacrifice and inconvenience. My sacrifice of being isolated pales beyond what many are doing and I am happy to do my part. We all have had a lot of bitters pills to swallow lately, I hope we get through this without too much more. 

“Cancel Your Plans” is about what is going on now with me and all of us. It has been hard to mentally wrap my head around what is going on. Exhibitions are being canceled, plans put aside and every time I want to look ahead and plan, I can’t. We are on a day-by-day basis for the upcoming future. We are just not used to it. I understand what we should do physically, but its the mental aspect of this pandemic that I am just coming to grips with. 
“Disinfection” is another pandemic painting that is about all the surfaces that I am now hyper-aware of. Stay safe out there and clean your counters often.(sigh)  
“Don’t Sneeze on Me” is another pandemic painting that is more about the distance we now have from each other. I wonder if we will ever get back to allowing each other to communicate except through our digital devices. Reach out to a friend today- the best way you can.

Artist Statement

“I have always made use of painting to understand my relationship with the world. My works are stories – small insights and reflections of my experiences. In seeking meaning in the world, I am sharing my story in hopes of making common connections with others.

My work has many layers; formally, it is about shape, objective, and non-objective imagery existing in the same field. The interaction of image, shape, and surface appeals to me. Conceptually, they are telling small stories of insight. I see my work as visual poetry making sense of the world around me.

Mark E. Flowers

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