COVID-19 CREATIVE OUTLET: „Holding My Breath“ by Timo Kahlen

Timo Kahlen Video art piece

The World is experiencing a moment of stand-still during the events of Covid-19 pandemic. Surely it is affecting each one of us in many different ways. To some this means fear and uncertainty about the future, economic difficulties, to others – inspiration and time to create. This period brings ideas into surface, raises questions and debates about our healthcare and economic systems, ecological, political and social issues.

This is a series of posts featuring creative expressions made during Covid-19 pandemic, or previous works that are particularly relevant during these times of change.

Timo Kahlen, based in Berlin, is a sound sculptor and media artist, who chooses to work with the ephemeral: with wind and steam, with light and shade, with pixels and dust, with sound, noise and vibration.

Copyright Timo Kahlen / VG Bild-Kunst 2020

Timo Kahlen: “Holding My Breath”, 2020

These are times that make you hold your breath – as the invisible, intangible air that we breathe becomes existential. In his new video and sound work „Holding My Breath“ (2020), Timo Kahlen’s breath, tangibly contained in an intimate sphere, a shimmering and fragile, changeable bubble of air, becomes, quite literally, the medium of our reflections: on social distancing, on personal and cultural isolation and well-being. The short performance was recorded in the artist’s Berlin studio during the first weeks of the pandemic, in March 2020. It is part of Kahlen’s ongoing series of “Works with Wind“ from 1989 – 2020.

Timo Kahlen video art piece „Holding My Breath“ is visible and audible at

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