City Explorer: Munich

Munich city guide

Next in our City Explorer’s section is Munich. This city has not yet been researched so well, as we only spent here a few days, but I will try to share with you as much as I know.

First of all Munich is quite a relaxed and safe city, with lots of green areas, spacious streets and massive buildings. It is the third largest city in Germany and it is said to be number one for the standard of living. Being the capital city of Bavaria it has a strong beer culture and holds the famous Oktoberfest. If you are interested to have a peek at one of the oldest city’s breweries, you can visit Hofbräuhaus, state-owned beer hall, to taste the local beer and food. Just have to warn you: the place is packed with tourists and the portions of beer and food are massive.

If you are more on the alternative side, I would instead invite you to visit a place filled with young locals, the Golden Bar, located in Haus der Kunst. The building is situated in the beginning of the beautiful Englischer Garten, Europe’s largest urban park, also one of the largest worldwide. So after exploring the park this bar might be a good place to relax. The building itself has a very interesting history and a museum worth visiting. Haus der Kunst is an example of Nazi architecture, built in Hitler’s times to showcase, what was called, the finest German art. Now it is still used as an exhibition space, housing temporary modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

Haus der Kunst, The Golden Bar, Munich

Next to Haus der Kunst building you will find a crowd of people gathering around a man-made river Eisbach, here everyone comes to see the famous surf spot. The river forms an odd fast wave, of around one metre height, suitable for experienced surfers only. if you wish to try surfing in Munich and you are not particularly skillful at it then you might try it in a spot that is suitable for beginners. I haven’t seen it, but I heard there is one. Find more information here.

Eisbach surfing, Munich

A very import part of Munich is its museum quarter. Here you can not only find quite a few museums and galleries in one place, but also lots of cafes, restaurants and shops around. I would recommend visiting Museum Brandhorst, together with its shop and restaurant, where you can enjoy a nice selection of modern art combined with impressive architecture.  Very close to the museum I spotted a cute little shop, an all-white concept store Welt White, selling beautiful handmade products.

If you are up for a walk, I recommend exploring Isar river banks. In this way you can run away from the buzz of the city and relax a bit, while enjoying the beautiful views. And if you are just looking for a small park around the city centre, try Hofgarten, a very central, but relaxed place to rest after a long day exploring Munich.

Here is a short list of places of interest I marked in the map of Munich. I hope you’ll find something interesting!

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