David Tesinsky (CZ) Subcultures Worldwide Photo Show, 25th of April, 19.00

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Iran’s Freedom Activists, exorcism in Ethiopia, Satan Community, USA street rappers, Rastafarian communities in Jamaica, women warriors in Ukraine’s conflict zone… This is only a small part of topics captured by Czech photographer David Tesinsky. Born in Prague, on April 1990, David Tesinsky is an independent social documentary photographer. He travels the world in order […]


Surreal Photographic Stories by Oleg Oprisco

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Oleg Oprisco Photography

Today I would like to dip into the creative world of photography. Nowadays photography strongly relies on digital cameras and image editing software. And that is quite natural, as a lot of people like to simplify things, therefore they choose digital over analogue. Endless software possibilities give them an opportunity to alter the reality and that is very attractive. […]