Mind Sharpener: Music and film music: differences and similarities, with Manuel Velázquez


“Mind Sharpener” – tai gyvų, provokuojančių bei kviečiančių pamąstymams, pokalbių ir diskusijų serija, pradedant akademiniais tyrimais ir baigiant refleksijomis, kylančiomis iš profesinės praktikos. Nagrinėjamos temos nuo kalbos ištakų iki matematinių modelių, nuo autoritetų ugdyme iki skaitmeninių pasakojimų ir daug daugiau (išsamus buvusių įvykių sąrašas: https://davidecastiglione.com/mind-sharpener-series-public-talks/). Viskas, kas įkvepia, įtraukia ir suteikia informacijos, pristatoma su kompetenciją ir aistra. Pagrindinė idėja – pateikti profesionalias ir savamoksles žinias, spekuliatyvių tyrimų ir praktika pagrįstos introspekcijos vaisius plačiai ir įvairiapusiškai auditorijai: tau!

Čia galima būti ne tik klausytojais, bet ir aktyviais dalyviais, kelti klausimus, siūlyti sprendimus, įsitraukti į užduotis ir viktorinas. Tai turėtų būti visiems naudinga patirtis. Iki šiol taip buvo!

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by Manuel Velázquez

From his research and experience as a composer and lecturer in composition Manuel has developed an introductory guide to the understanding of music as a language that aims to bring insight on the workings and creation of (almost) any kind of music to both musicians and non-musicians alike. The talk will be structured in two parts:

Part 1

Through a reflective process we will try to answer the questions: ¿What is to compose / create music? ¿Which process or processes need to occur in composition and music creation? We will try to find answers that give new perspectives and that can be applied practically. The idea is to reflect what creating music means in the broad sense, and through this reflection, find practical ideas that would give the inexperienced a good map of what composition means, and the experienced a reminder of several paths not taken through their creating processes.

The talk will use a minimum use of “Music Theory Language” (and the language used will be explained) to include non-musicians and people with no music theory knowledge.

Part 2

From his research as a lecturer and experience as a composer for films Manuel has developed a series of theoretical/practical approaches to film music understanding/composition aimed to comprehend the ways in which music behaves and functions as a part of film language.

Through a reflective conversational process we will try to answer the questions: ¿What is the difference between (only) music and film music? ¿What is the place/function of music in film? ¿How can it be analyzed and understood? We will try to find answers that give a first understanding to people that have never ponder on this questions and new perspectives (that can be applied practically) to musicians and film-makers alike.

Manuel Velázquez, Musician and Composer studied Composition in Mexico City as well as two masters from Escola Superior de Musica de Barcelona (in film music, and popular music arrangements and composition). He divides time working creating music for films, documentaries and audiovisual media; Composing, arranging and producing his own music as well as others, and teaching composition: He has lectured at “Centro de Creadores Musicales” and SAE Institute Mexico in Mexico City.



“Mind Sharpener” – a series of lively, thought-provoking talks and debates varying from academic research to reflections stemming from professional practice. Topics range from the origins of language to mathematical models, from authority in education to digital storytelling and much more (see https://davidecastiglione.com/mind-sharpener-series-public-talks/ for the full list of past events). Really, anything that is inspiring, stimulating and informative, with speakers combining competence and passion. The idea is to bring the fruits of professional or self-taught knowledge, speculative research and practice-based introspection to a wide and diversified audience: you!

You will not just be listeners but active participants who raise questions, proposing solutions, engaging in the tasks and quizzes provided by the speakers. It should be a rewarding experience for everyone. So far it has been!

Everything takes place in an informal and cosy atmosphere, enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine. All the discussions are held in English.

Free entrance. Donations welcome.

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