Rainbow Room by Agnieszka Olszewska

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Rainbow Room - Pop-up Studio and Exhibition

Pop-Up Artist Studio & Exhibition 2019 03 23 – 04 21 With a short poetry reading on 23rd of March, 18.30 * “Woman is a natural creator. Giving birth, she brings a new life into the world – that ability is her life power and strength. Her works of art are her children too. By […]

Concerts & Performances

2nd Anniversary Party !

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2nd year anniversary party

It has been 2 years since Ideas Block opened ! On the 9th of February come to celebrate and hang out with us for the day ! We will start the day with free coffee shots (from 11am)! And later on continue with the music and social interaction! Our gallery space will be turned into […]

Ceramic Designers

Textures and Floral Patterns in Dorotea Ceramics

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Dorotea Ceramics

Today I have one more inspiring story for you, an interesting interview with a visual artist and ceramicist Carolina Silva, who is originally from Spain, but now based in Seattle. Apart from creating art pieces for exhibitions Carolina also works on her nature inspired ceramics’ line Dorotea. Her ceramics are filled with floral patterns that artist draws by hand. Therefore, each […]

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Estudio 164, Tijuana, Mexico

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Estudio 164

Lately I have been busy with so many things that I didn’t have a minute to write a new post… I got carried away with my detailed drawings, playing with colours and ideas, designing and making. And I just felt like I needed to write something, let one new idea out into the World. Finally, here it is. […]