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Gatherings of Threads by Roanna Wells

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Roanna Wells

Today’s inspiration is very simple, tonal, graphical, minimalistic, black and white… and very impressive! And who would imagine that a single black thread can be used to create such an intricate image. These beautiful embroidered art pieces fade away like shadows. And the author of these thread drawings is a British artist Roanna Wells. One […]


Space for Imagination with Eric Blum

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Eric Blum

Today’s inspiration involves layered tones and shapes, very subtle and dreamlike. Exactly what I like. And I hope you will like it as well. So what inspired me was these beautiful paintings by New York based artist Eric Blum. To me these artworks are like loose abstractions that create a feeling of free movement and […]


Humanoid Harmony

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It leaves me a sense of soft, smooth and natural harmony with its beautiful tones, patterns and fabrics. Everything matches perfectly. Colours are chosen and combined with care. Just a simple perfection. I am talking about a women’s fashion label from the Netherlands called HUMANOID. It inspires in many ways: colours and tones, the choice […]