Consciousness-Driven Innovations

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Usually I’m not very interested in the worldwide trends, or something that is happening extensively, because most of the time it’s too closely related to massive production, has a strong odour of simple consumerism, is very predictable and far away from the true innovation. But today I’m totally immersed into a trend that not only […]


Sustainable Minimalist Products by Golden Biscotti

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Golden Biscotti

I can never decide what I like more: intricately patterned or plain simple objects.  Items with lots of interesting details and vibrant colours attract attention and brighten up the day and I really like them. However, there is something magical about monochromatic colours and minimalist design… something that keeps me wanting more and more of these types of objects, photographs […]

Home Decor

Sustainable Living with By Mölle

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By Molle

So soft and natural, calling to relax… I imagine myself falling into a wonderful dream with one of these beautiful blankets from By Mölle. By Mölle is a sustainable Dutch company based in Hoonhorst, the Netherlands. It was found in 2011 by two sisters Eveline and Marianne Maat, who found home for their brand in […]