Small Talks

Energising Creations by Liz Payne

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Liz Payne

I believe that most of us from time to time feel the need to surround ourselves with bright objects. Especially after long winters, during rainy days or just on one of those occasions when we feel the lack of energy. Colours hold a lot of power. And this power can lift up our mood or bring back some […]

Home Decor

Gatherings of Threads by Roanna Wells

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Roanna Wells

Today’s inspiration is very simple, tonal, graphical, minimalistic, black and white… and very impressive! And who would imagine that a single black thread can be used to create such an intricate image. These beautiful embroidered art pieces fade away like shadows. And the author of these thread drawings is a British artist Roanna Wells. One […]


Imaginative Stitches by Happy Red Fish

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Happy Red Fish

Embroidery is something that I always come back to. I spend time looking for stitched inspirations and I use quite a lot of it in my own creations. For a while now my interest in embroidery on paper is growing bigger and bigger. So I just have to share my findings. These collaged art pieces […]