Handwoven Fibre Jewellery by Lesh

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Lesh Jewellery

Today on the blog we have an opportunity to get an insight into the creative world of a fibre artist and photographer Summer Moore. She creates unique handwoven jewellery pieces in her New York based studio, under the brand name Lesh. Initially Summer’s interest in fibre arts was inspired by antique Andean textiles seen in Peru, later influenced by the […]


Elegant and Charming Scarves by Woking Girl Designs

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Dealtry Scarves

Today I am really excited to show you some delightful textiles from Woking Girl Designs, a textile design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. This company specializes in hand painted and computer generated designs for surface applications. Helen Dealtry is the founder of Woking Girl Designs, who not only makes hand painted designs, but also […]


Space for Imagination with Eric Blum

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Eric Blum

Today’s inspiration involves layered tones and shapes, very subtle and dreamlike. Exactly what I like. And I hope you will like it as well. So what inspired me was these beautiful paintings by New York based artist Eric Blum. To me these artworks are like loose abstractions that create a feeling of free movement and […]