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Dip Into Another Reality Together With Katy Ann Gilmore

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Katy Ann Gilmore

Today let’s dip into another reality filled with intricate geometric patterns together with an artist Katy Ann Gilmore, based in Los Angeles area. Her works explore and question scientific theories and human perception. The artist goes deeper into the objects that surround us, creating her own interpretations through beautiful detailed drawings and 3D pieces. Elaborate Katy’s artworks can be found […]

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The Art of Origami from Up The Wooden Hills

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Up The Wooden Hills

A few years ago I was very much into paper folding and origami. I have worked on a big scale paper and fabric folding project for fashion… and I know how time consuming it can be. Everything needs to be measured and made exactly perfect. Even though I don’t work much more with paper folding, I still love and […]