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Dip Into Another Reality Together With Katy Ann Gilmore

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Katy Ann Gilmore

Today let’s dip into another reality filled with intricate geometric patterns together with an artist Katy Ann Gilmore, based in Los Angeles area. Her works explore and question scientific theories and human perception. The artist goes deeper into the objects that surround us, creating her own interpretations through beautiful detailed drawings and 3D pieces. Elaborate Katy’s artworks can be found […]


Getting Lost in Details with Patrick Vale

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Patric Vale

Filling a blank sheet of paper with intricate lines and patterns, getting lost inside the image – what a great feeling that is! I love detailed illustrations, whether it is an abstract piece of art or a complex depiction of reality. To create an artwork that consists of countless lines or patterns requires a lot of time and patience, […]

Graphic Design

Intricate Drawing Machine Patterns by Eske Rex

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Eske Rex

A while back I was admiring some amazing creations made with a Drawing Machine by a Copenhagen-based artist and designer Eske Rex. Intricate one of a kind drawings are made with a machine, which on its own is a piece of art: a monumental sculpture investigating time and movement. The artist also created a Grinder, based on […]

Home Decor

Wilderness by Natasha Newton

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Natasha Newton

As I am away travelling in California, landscapes filled with mountains, valleys and forests, I find myself drawn towards beautiful detailed illustrations of nature by Natasha Newton. Looking at her works I recognise the soothing feeling induced by woodlands and wilderness. Natasha Newton is an artist and illustrator based in the East coast of England, […]

Home Decor

Pixels and Threads by Rachel Parker

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Rachel Parker Textiles

If you love colours, patterns and, of course, embroidery then you should stop by and have a look at these exquisite creations by Rachel Parker. Rachel is a textile designer based in the United Kingdom, where she makes beautiful intricate art pieces, designs and products. In her works layers of colours, rhythm and repetition are […]