Mist Jewellery – Driven by Nature

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Mist Jewellery

This weekend I got a really inspiring reply from an artist couple from Croatia, who agreed to answer our featured artist interview questions. Valentina Stepan and Zoran Kranjčec are the creators behind the Mist Jewellery brand. I love the idea of nature being the driving force for the artists in the process of crafting their unique wooden […]


Embracing the imperfections by Studio Joo

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Studio Joo

In our western world everything is based on perfection and competition, without having time to think about it. But I believe we should all slow down a little and start feeling the beauty of simple things, imperfections and incompletions. All of this goes down to a beautiful Japanese world view Wabi-sabi, in other words ‘wisdom […]


Humanoid Harmony

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It leaves me a sense of soft, smooth and natural harmony with its beautiful tones, patterns and fabrics. Everything matches perfectly. Colours are chosen and combined with care. Just a simple perfection. I am talking about a women’s fashion label from the Netherlands called HUMANOID. It inspires in many ways: colours and tones, the choice […]