Consciousness-Driven Innovations

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Usually I’m not very interested in the worldwide trends, or something that is happening extensively, because most of the time it’s too closely related to massive production, has a strong odour of simple consumerism, is very predictable and far away from the true innovation. But today I’m totally immersed into a trend that not only […]


Mist Jewellery – Driven by Nature

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Mist Jewellery

This weekend I got a really inspiring reply from an artist couple from Croatia, who agreed to answer our featured artist interview questions. Valentina Stepan and Zoran Kranjčec are the creators behind the Mist Jewellery brand. I love the idea of nature being the driving force for the artists in the process of crafting their unique wooden […]


Revealing the Unthinkable by Jetske Visser

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Jetske Visser

I am always fascinated to discover something unusual in terms or art techniques and materials. While wondering around the web looking for inspiration I found some intriguing art pieces by a Dutch artist Jetske Visser. Her work focuses on exploring the unthinkable, something that is there, but most of the time overlooked or forgotten. The […]